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Live Shows

#### 1. What is a Live Show? A live show is a real time stream where LePrix’s community is able to purchase luxury merchandise at wholesale prices. You are able to engage with the Host and ask any questions you have while joining in on the fun of sourcing the best for your customers.

#### 2. When are LePrix’s Live Shows held? Our live shows are typically held weekly, every Thursday at 3PM EST. We also host occasional special live shows on different dates so don’t forget to look out for our emails and sign up for text notifications so you don’t miss out. Any details for these special live shows will be shared in advance via email, text or our socials!

#### 3. How do I join the Live Shows? Join our live shows by registering in advance to our recurring zoom webinar here. There is a one-time approval process however, once you’re approved, you’ll be notified via email and can join us every Thursday at 3PM EST!

#### 4. How do you claim an item during the show? Each featured item will have a corresponding item number. The Host will showcase each item in detail indicating the grade, suggested resale value, and more. Once the Host has completed showcasing an item, our in-chat Moderator will send the associated item number in the chat. The participant to comment ‘SOLD’ will claim the item. If multiple participants claim a single item, the item will go to the first participant to comment ‘SOLD’ If the selected participant cancels their claim of an item, it will automatically be claimed by the following person.

#### 5. How do I pay? Our team will send an invoice after the show. Once an invoice is sent, we offer three payment options: ACH, which allows you to make a wire transfer fee-free. We also accept major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) Buy Now Pay Later options through ba/ance

#### 6. Why join our Live Show? There are several benefits to participating in a live show. Not only do you have the ability to purchase items at wholesale prices, all of the items showcased ship fast. Some shows may include specially priced items or free Certificates of Authenticity. You’ll also have the ability to see items up close and have any questions answered in real time by our Host and Moderator.

Is this exclusive inventory?

The majority of items showcased in the live show are on however, but many are specially priced for the show. In some cases, you have exclusive access to items that are first featured on the live show before it is listed on