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What is the LePrix Exchange Program?

Through our Exchange Program, items may be submitted in exchange for LePrix Wholesale Credit up to 60 days from the date of delivery as determined by the carrier. All items must be exchanged with their original LePrix item ID tag intact and in the original condition in which it was purchased.

Excluded from the Exchange Policy:

  1. Exclusive to U.S. buyers only. Not available for international buyers.
  2. Clothing, accessories, watches, fine jewelry
  3. Items BC condition grade and lower
  4. COA fees, shipping fees, and insurance are not eligible for credit
  5. Items without LePrix Item ID tag intact
  6. Wholesale Auction exchange requests are accepted with a 10% restocking fee as determined by the original selling price.
** LePrix reserves the right to deny Exchange Policy privileges based on excessive requests or if an account is not in good standing. Return requests must not exceed 5% of total confirmed orders ($ value) per month.*