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Jimmy Choo
The Future Looks Bright With New York Fashion Week
Industry + Insights / Jan 30, 2020
Every year the women of New York leave the past behind and look forward to the future...this is known as Fashion Week. - Carrie Bradshaw
New Year's Eve: Dressed to Thrill With LePrix!
Industry + Insights / Dec 12, 2019
It only happens once a year: New Year’s Eve. It’s a time when hopeless can be romantic, and a resolution can become a revelation. And when…
Closet Crush: National Entrepreneur's Day
Industry + Insights / Nov 18, 2019
Did you know that November 19th is National Entrepreneur's Day? LePrix is celebrating this special day by highlighting and interviewing…
Fall Boots: Chanel, Choo, Gucci & More
Industry + Insights / Oct 24, 2019
These boots are made for walking—and that’s just what they’ll do. And one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you. – Nancy…
From Givenchy, to Fendi & Gucci, the Best Statement Work Bags
Industry + Insights / Aug 16, 2019
With a new season comes new trends and merchandise, which means it’s time to go shopping! Yay, my favorite pastime! While many are on the…
The Best Of Nyc Luxury Consignment Shops
Ahh New York of the most fashionable destinations on the planet. Whether you want to move there to work in the fashion industry, or you'
It's International Women's Day! To celebrate International Women's Day, LePrix interviewed three inspiring and empowering women who run the…
Welcoming L.A. Designer Consignment Boutique 'Encore Closet' to the Family
Industry + Insights / Nov 21, 2013
We are always proud to introduce new partnerships here at SNOBSWAP, and Encore Closet is no exception! Featuring top of the line items for…
What to Wear Thursday: Fourth of July Festive
Industry + Insights / Jun 27, 2013
The Fourth of July is only one week away! Friends, family, BBQs and fireworks are the best way to enjoy the summer. A chic yet comfortable…
What to Wear Thurdays: Winter to Spring
Industry + Insights / Feb 28, 2013
It's that time of the year where we sift through our wardrobe and wonder what outfit is weather appropriate. In this edition of "What to…
WWT: Valentine's Day
Industry + Insights / Feb 14, 2013
Valentine's day is here, however it lands on a Thursday, which means it may be difficult to go back and forth from work to home to dinner…
What to Wear Thursdays: Power Play
Industry + Insights / Jul 26, 2012
After reading a recent Cosmo article about “Power Purses”, a structured bag versus a hobo and how the two are perceived in the work place,…
What to Wear Thursdays: On a Date
Industry + Insights / Nov 10, 2011
Want to impress a significant other but still be in touch with your sartorial side? Look no further.Start with a beautiful silk Stella…
Chronicles of a Consignment Addict (DC)
Industry + Insights / Sep 13, 2011
Consignment shopping is the modern woman's treasure hunting. The thrill of the hunt for designer and vintage pieces for up to 90% off the…
Your #1 New Year's Resolution: Sustainability
Industry + Insights / Dec 27, 2019
Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness, didn’t know where to go shopping. - Coco Chanel As the countdown to 2020 begins, New Year’s…
New with Tags: Gifts for Everyone on Your Shopping List
Industry + Insights / Dec 05, 2019
Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Diamond Hoop 18k Gold Bracelet
Designer Resale is the NEW New!
Industry + Insights / Nov 07, 2019
Retail Price: $6,200
LePrix's Thrill of the Hunt Contest!
Industry + Insights / Oct 14, 2019
1st clue: I’m a 90s baby and loved by the royals! Channel your inner Nancy Drew or Carmen SanDiego this Halloween and get ready to…
Introducing La Vie in NYC
Industry + Insights / Oct 16, 2015
As I walked down Hudson Street in the Village on a late Monday morning, I didn’t feel like I was in New York. The street was quiet and…
Industry + Insights / Sep 12, 2013
If you thought consignment shopping meant your surroundings had to embrace a humble vibe, then you may have never been in a consignment…
What to Wear Thursday: Maxi Dresses
Industry + Insights / Jun 13, 2013
Who ever thought it would be this much fun to cover up in the summer? Maxi dresses are the one clothing item we don’t mind covering our…
Ask a Stylist with Elle and Wes
Industry + Insights / Mar 12, 2013
What I recommend:
Introducing our new premier partner, Byrd Style Lounge!
Industry + Insights / Dec 12, 2012
We are beyond thrilled to partner with the best-kept secret in the mid-west, Byrd Style Lounge. Byrd Style Lounge is a treasure trove of…
Chronicles of a (prego) Consignment Addict (DC)
Industry + Insights / Apr 04, 2012
My latest addiction (besides Georgetown Cupcakes) is finding colorful maxi dresses to wear in my last trimester. Jersey maxi dresses are…
What to Wear Thursdays: Mixing Tones in the Fall
Industry + Insights / Oct 06, 2011
The Fall season is the perfect time for experimenting and trying new things. One trend that is making a comeback in this season is the…
What to Wear Thursdays:  The Perfect Date Night Outfit
Industry + Insights / Aug 25, 2011
For summer date nights, you want something easy and quick, but still eye catching and sweet. This outfit meets all of those requirements…
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