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The Latest The Guide / July 28, 2021 / Destiny
The Anticipated Return Of Pheobe Philo

It’s been a few weeks since we got the news that Phoebe Philo will be gracing us with her return to the industry after her three year hiatus, and we have yet to simmer down. The designer will make her comeback with a self-titled, luxury clothing and accessories line.

Philophiles, a style tribe devoted to Phoebe, have been anxiously waiting for this moment anticipating what she will bring to the runway next year. Feigning for a glimpse of a mood board, a peek at a silhouette, color story, anything!

Her time at Céline was iconic to say the least. Creating garments that could be worn for years, eliminating the desire to be trendy, she was changing the way we viewed fashion. Her design style was minimal and approachable, all while maintaining a chic and comfortable aesthetic. Oversized silhouettes, and out of the ordinary styling became her trademark. She created a safe space for women to be unconventionally sexy. 

With a cult like following behind her, when Phoebe left Céline, fans decided to honor the designer by creating accounts on social media celebrating “Old Céline” and the “Old É” (@PhobePhiloDiary and @OldCeline). Needless to say, it was not a smooth transition of power.

When Phoebe left Céline, rumors of where she would go next were floating everywhere. Whether is was Chanel or Fendi since the passing of Karl, there were even talks of her going to Burberry before Tisci took over, they all were proven to be untrue. This left Philophiles impatiently yearning for more. With no end of her prolonged vacation in sight, “Old Céline” was sought after more than ever. The resale market has since gone into a frenzy over anything with an accent é. The resale market can be a dangerous game, but we can help you learn how to spot the fakes!

We all know what it's like. That feeling you get when your favorite character on Grey’s Anatomy dies, or when your pick on the bachelorette doesn't get a rose. What’s the point in caring anymore? 

Luckily, we have a new reason to celebrate the designer. She is coming back better than ever. With LVMH only partially backing the brand, she will still have full creative control, something that she has never had before. It will be fascinating to see how the designer uses this newfound power to her advantage.

While we are biting our nails, waiting for the collection to debut sometime in 2022, let’s get into some of the most iconic Céline pieces you can get your hands on today!

1. Pajama Shirt

First seen on the runway Spring/Summer 2011, the silk patterned pajama shirts were very well received. Phoebe enhanced a classic bedtime garment, into a fashion must have. Kanye West ignited the style even more when he wore one during Coachella that same year.

2. Wide Leg Pant

The wide leg pant is a classic because it enhanced the idea of the comfortable and chic Céline aesthetic. The style could be worn with heels or flats, dressed up or down and that’s the beauty of it.

3. Luggage Tote

The luggage tote remains a closet stable to date. This bag is synonymous with the brand itself being one of the first Phoebe would release. It didn’t have an immediate success story, but once the word got around that the tote was the new It-bag. With multiple color ways and different sizes, the style still holds weight today.

4. Trapeze

If the Box bag and Luggage tote had a baby, it would be the trapeze. Perfect for if you can’t decide between the two, the trapeze is the perfect choice.

5. Trio

The Trio is another one of Phoebe’s firsts and holds its weight in the must haves collection. If you aim to keep things practical, and are on the go- this is the perfect fit for you.

To shop more styles from the Phoebe Philo era at Céline, check out this collection!

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