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Industry + Insights The Latest Style / September 02, 2020 / Mary Zubritsky
10 Things To Consider Before Buying A Chanel Bag

Admit it…there's a Chanel bag you’ve been dreaming about for the past few years, but you still haven't pulled the trigger. 

While it's easy to fall in and out of love with certain luxury items, there are some designers and bags that are impossible to shake. Chanel is that designer, and her timeless and beautiful bags deliver a serious ROI and envious glances.

LePrix understands your love of all things Chanel and we're in the business of making dreams come true. We’ve been collecting, curating, and selling new, pre-loved and vintage Chanel bags for years—thanks to our consignment partners. And whether you might have your heart set on the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, the trendy Boy Bag, the Gabrielle, or the Deauville Tote, how do you know the bag you’ve been lusting over really is the one for you?

Just like any big purchase, there are a few things you need to consider (and dwell over) before you splurge on a bag. We don't want you to drop $4,500 on the trendy bag of your dreams only to discover it's a nightmare. 


When I worked for Saks Fifth Avenue, corporate would host happy hours in the store’s restaurant. My coworkers and I would strut across the street to the store, get our drink on (hello, open bar) and drunkenly purchase designer bags. The best part? You couldn’t return them...UGH. I once bought a Chanel Classic Flap bag in black and white tweed, my coworker bought a WHITE Valentino tote and another girl bought some hairy Fendi 2jours that literally looked like a deer’s butt.

Guess what we cried about the next morning? Our hangover, duh. And how we all maxed out our Saks cards for non-sensical bags we couldn’t return! Our purchases were not worth it...even with the corporate discount. 

What's the lesson here? Be smart with your investment AND don't drink bottles of wine while you're shopping.


So, you've got your heart set on the Boy Bag, but have you ever tried one on for size? You're obsessed with the Deauville, but do you really need a large beachy tote in the dead of winter? Sure, the Chanel No. 5 Plexiglass Minaudiere is beyond, but do you really attend that many galas? Especially in the age of COVID-19? 

Sometimes you need to think with your brain instead of your heart...especially when you're about to drop thousands on a designer handbag. Well, we're here to help you make the right decision!

SIZE. Yeah, the mini is cute and all, but is it practical? The size you choose really comes down to how often and when you’re planning to use the bag. If you're looking for a going-out bag, the mini, small or the clutch might be your best bet. If you're looking for an everyday or work bag, choose the medium, maxi, or jumbo. Also, consider your method of transportation. If you walk 15 minutes to the subway, buy a larger bag to tote your essentials, but if you drive you can always store your flats and pumps in the trunk. 

STYLE. Chanel's got about a half dozen core styles: The Classic Flap bag (single or double flap), Boy Bag, Chanel 2.55, Gabrielle, Wallet on Chain and seasonal bags. If you're looking for a timeless design that'll prove to be a good investment in the long run, you should go with the Classic Flap bag or the 2.55 or maybe the Boy Bag. As the name suggests, their seasonal releases vary by style, material, color and size— and they tend to be more trendy than classic. 

PRICE. If money's no object, go crazy! But that's not the case for most people...and Chanel makes it complicated. They're known for raising prices every 6-12 months, and the pandemic didn't soften their strategy at all. You should expect to pay anywhere between $2,575 to over $12,000 for a brand new bag, depending on the style, size, fabric and embellishments. Yikes, might be better off getting an authentic, pre-loved bag off LePrix. I'd suggest comparing prices everywhere just in case.

MATERIAL. Caviar and lambskin are two of the most popular leathers. You've also got the option of patent leather, calfskin, goatskin, metallic leather, tweed, velvet, alligator, crocodile, lizard, and more. The material should reflect your lifestyle and where you plan on toting the bag. For everyday wear, caviar leather is the most sturdy. 

BRAND NEW OR PRE-LOVED. This one is self-explanatory. Would you rather invest in a brand new bag, or one that's already been loved? FYI: you can still find brand new bags at a designer consignment boutique and on LePrix.

COLOR. Question for you...are you a blacks or browns girl? As in, when you're looking at fall boots or a pair of new summer sandals, do you gravitate towards black or brown? What's the base color in your closet?  My point is, if you're going to invest in a Chanel bag, make sure it goes with the majority of the items in your closet. Mostly brown belts? Lean towards brown, beige, taupe, etc. Mostly black? You know where I'm going with this. This can also be applied to your hardware! Do you gravitate towards silver or gold? If it's a perfect mix, then maybe you should look into Chanel's "So Black" line or choose a bag with gunmetal hardware. 

However, if you'd prefer a statement piece then go bold with bright green, yellow, red, or even a limited-edition print. 

OCCASION. Is this an everyday bag, a work bag, a statement piece or for special occasions? Consider how, when and where you'll wear it. 

RESALE VALUE. Just like cars, the second you take your new designer handbag out of the store, the value starts depreciating. Luckily that's not necessarily true with Chanel. While trendy, seasonal bags might lose value, the classics retain or even increase in value. These bags include the 2.55, classic flap bag and the boy bag. My point? If you're buying a bag because you're obsessed and you don't care about reselling it, then get whatever you want! But if you're planning on trading it in down the line or passing it on to your daughter, stick with the classics. 

One more thing, I know Chanel doesn't offer the option to monogram your bag, but once you do that, the resale value plummets unless the buyer also has your initials. 

TRENDY OR TIMELESS. When you see a yellow or neon orange car, you're immediately drawn to the color, but could you imagine being stuck with it every day of your life? No, because the novelty of the hue will wear off and after 6 weeks you'll wonder what you were smoking when you purchased it. Same can be said for designer handbags. Here's the thing...trendy is cool and now, but not necessarily timeless. If you have unlimited funds then make your 10th designer handbag a trendy conversation piece, but not your 1st Chanel bag. 

FAKES. When I moved to NYC, the trust-fund girls in my PR firm (with real Birkins) told me, "a bag is as believable as the person who's carrying it." It took me years to understand that statement...

If the counterfeit market is overflowing with very believable knock-off Boy bags, that means you'll see them everywhere. Then people who can afford the real bags will question their investment and validity by judging your worthiness of owning the bag (and whether they want to look like you). Sounds harsh? That's the power of fakes. Also, if everyone seems to own one (whether real of fake) why would you want to spend so much money look like everyone else? Just some food for thought. 

Ready to make your first Chanel purchase? Check out some of our favorites.

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