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Industry + Insights / December 27, 2019 / Mary Zubritsky
Your #1 New Year's Resolution: Sustainability
Whoever said money can’t buy you happiness, didn’t know where to go shopping. - Coco Chanel
As the countdown to 2020 begins, New Year’s resolutions take shape. Whether you plan to eat healthier, workout more or cut back on alcohol (let’s do this, Dry January), most resolutions are short-lived. Well, we’ve got one you can make—and that’s easy to stick to year-round. Pledge to be environmentally conscious and sustainable by swearing off fast fashion and instead shopping designer resale and luxury consignment. If you haven’t heard, resale is the new black. I’m not talking about rummaging through yard sales or flea markets (although you can find some treasures), I mean shopping someone else’s closet—like that well-dressed chick who structs by you every morning on the way to the subway. If she works in the fashion industry, she’ll have to shed those designer duds and get some quick cash for them before everyone at her magazine dubs her wardrobe so last year. So, what does she do? Duh, she consigns her Chanel, Saint Laurent and Givenchy wardrobe to one of our 600+ designer consignment shops.

Fast fashion is so 2019

Make 2020 the year of sustainability. While fast fashion is cheaper and makes it easier to own the latest trends, do you ever think about the impact on the environment? It’s no secret that people are buying more clothing than ever before—when compared to 2000, our clothing purchases increased around 60% in 2014. And that means clothing production has doubled since then too, but people aren’t holding onto their clothes very long at all because either they’re poorly made so they fall apart or fall out of fashion even quicker. What’s more, about 60% of these items are made of polyester, which releases 2-3 times more carbon emissions than cotton and it doesn’t break down in the ocean. So, what kind of a resolution can you make for 2020? Don't buy any new clothing...unless you need undergarments, socks and pajamas because used underwear is just gross. And make sure the items you do purchase are made from high-quality materials and created by designer brands you know will not only go the long haul, but will also be in demand so if you decide to resell, you'll make some money on your unwanted items. So, how do we solve this dilemma? Buy resale, which means shopping at luxury consignment stores, vintage shops and on sites that specialize in accepting, authenticating and reselling secondhand designer items like LePrix. While customers have been coming to LePrix for years to score great deals on vintage Chanel tweed blazers, authentic Fendi bags and Gucci sunglasses, now even more consumers are clicking on our site because they want to save the planet! According to recent research, every time you buy pre-owned luxury, you decrease your carbon footprint and increase the life of the item. That means as shoppers become better informed about the fashion industry’s impact on the environment—it is the second largest polluter in the world—brands will be forced to think about how their items are made, ensure they’re made well enough to retain resell value, and then embrace end-of-life solutions. With resale, you’re extending the life of something that’s already been produced, rather than creating an on-trend item that’ll be considered garbage after everyone’s seen it on the gram. For example, buying a pre-owned designer bag rather than a new bag saves over 18lbs of carbon dioxide emission and 6 gallons of water. And buying a pair of pre-owned designer shoes instead of a new pair saves 7lbs of carbon dioxide emission and over 2 gallons of water.  

Resale makes dollars and sense!

Attn: designer resale addicts! As more shoppers become aware of the impact fashion has on the environment, they'll turn to vintage clothing resellers and designer consignment shops. And you know what that means? The items you've been stalking on LePrix are going to sell out in the blink of an eye.
You already know we’ve got the best luxury resale around, and you now know we’re doing our part to save the planet! With over 250,000 pre-owned bags consigned on LePrix and partnerships with over 600 of the world's top designer resale shops, you know we’ve already helped alleviate our carbon footprint by 4.2 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and we’ve saved 1.5 million gallons of water! And we’re just getting started.  
So, get ready to heart and stalk all the like-new items by Prada, Louis Vuitton and Givenchy on our site. And remember, if you happen to fall out of love with your Neverfull bag, you can sell it back and make money too! Now that makes dollars, and sense.
Join us on this mission. Shop LePrix, let’s reduce our carbon footprint and save the world, one Chanel bag at a time! 
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