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Industry + Insights / December 20, 2019 / Mary Zubritsky
The Hermès Birkin: When Size Does Matter
It’s not a bag…it’s a f&#king Birkin! - Samantha Jones, Sex & the City 2

If you’ve skimmed through any of LePrix’s recent posts, you know just how head-over-heels we are for the ultra-exclusive and expertly crafted Hermès Birkin bag.

Whether you first spotted the Birkin on Keeping Up with the Kardashians or in the hands of the girls working at your fashion PR firm (me!), you know it’s a serious status symbol. It’s basically the American Express Centurion Card of handbags—and that black card can get your name on the Birkin waitlist too!

So, the Birkin is the ultimate fashion investment…purchasing one is now sometimes a safer bet than the stock market because it rarely loses its value, and instead continues to rise every year!

Since we all weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouth, we must resort to the next best thing…pre-owned Birkins from LePrix! Luckily, we have an amazing selection of brand new, previously loved and vintage Birkins on our site—all thanks to our partnerships with over 600 of the world’s top designer consignment boutiques!

Now, you may know you want a black Birkin with gold hardware, but there are still many types of leathers and exotic skins to choose from—plus, you need to know which one best suits your needs and your frame.

But which is the best Hermèss Birkin size? For example, a 5’1" woman more than likely doesn’t want to tote around a bag that’s half her size. Just like a 5’11” woman (me, again) probably doesn’t want to invest in a baby Birkin because it’s too small for her frame! But then consider your lifestyle and what you will use the bag for—will it be your everyday bag, your workhorse? Will it be for special events and nights on the town?

LePrix is here to help you decide which bag is best for you! Whether it’s the 25cm, the 30cm or the 35 cm, we’re going to break down the sizing because when it comes to Birkins, one size doesn't fit all.

The 25 cm

Since it's no secret that tiny bags are all the rage, Hermès jumped on the bandwagon knowing we no longer need to carry a wallet, a camera, a notepad, or even a set of keys because we've got the world at our fingertips with a smartphone!

Also referred to as the Baby Birkin (9.8"L x 7.9"H x 5"W), this bag is perfect for the petite or those who just don't want to tote around lots of items. Currently, the 25cm is the most trendy of the bags with demand trumping supply—and they’re quite rare—which means you're going to pay a pretty penny (or many) to get your hands on one.

The tiny bag trend took off in the Asian markets because smaller-framed women wanted bags that would complement their frames, not overwhelm them.

The 25cm bag can easily take you from the office to a night out on the town as it can double as a work tote and a clutch, but you might not be able to fit all your makeup for the post-work touchup. Also, the 25cm isn't available in all leathers and colors (most commonly seen in the Swift leather) so choose wisely!

Shop Authentic, Used Designer Handbags & Purses | LePrix
Hermès Trench Swift Leather Birkin 25



Shop Authentic, Used Designer Handbags & Purses | LePrix
Hermès Birkin Touch Vert Cypress Togo & Alligator 25

The 30cm

The Birkin 30 (12"L x 8.6"H x 6"W) is the perfect everyday bag! It's big enough to tote all your essentials, but small enough not to completely overwhelm your frame or cause back pain. Whether you prefer to carry the bag on your forearm or in your hand, you have options, whereas the Baby can only be held in your hand.

While storage space could be a bit of an issue with the Baby, the 30cm can hold your makeup, a laptop, your phone, and whatever else you need for business or travel, but it is too big for formal affairs. And just like the 25cm, the 30 doesn't come in every color combo, leather and hardware.


Hermès Himalayan Crocodile Birkin 30

Hermès Leather Scarf-Wrapped Birkin 30

The 35cm

For those who carry numerous necessities on the daily (and maybe even a pair of pumps), the 35cm (14"L x 10"H x 7"W) is the ideal size. The most popular of the Birkins, this bag is considered to be the original, the classic, utterly timeless and the workhorse of the sizes.

While the size makes it easier to tote lots of items, it's also just as easy to weigh yourself down because the bigger the bag, the more you can justify carrying! Since the 35cm is a bit on the larger size, it might be better suited for someone with a tall, statuesque frame or someone who carries a lot of stuff.

Shop Authentic, Used Designer Handbags & Purses | LePrix
Hermès Epsom Leather Birkin 35

Shop Authentic, Used Designer Handbags & Purses | LePrix
Hermès Black Porosus Alligator Birkin 35


Shop all Birkins at LePrix.

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