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Industry + Insights / October 04, 2019 / Mary Zubritsky
Fashion Flashback: Clueless & Mean Girls
You don't understand. This is an Alaïa. It's like a totally important designer. - Cher Horowitz in Clueless
Whether you think art imitates life or life imitates art, Clueless put Alaïa on the fashion map for me. And while Clueless isn't exactly the reason Alaïa made a comeback, Cher Horowitz's plea to the robber has certainly helped boost the searches on LePrix for Azzedine's vintage, preloved designer pieces! After Clueless was released, I could be found shopping at Contempo Casuals, frantically searching for some pleated plaid skirts and thigh-high socks. But fast forward 10 years…and I was suddenly head-over-heels in love with Alaïa pumps, dresses and laser-cut leather handbags. Influenced by Clueless? As if! Whether you want to admit it or not, movies and TV shows have a profound effect on our wardrobe! Just look at the impact Sex and the City had on the fashion industry. And who could forget all of Andy's Chanel ensembles in the Devil Wears Prada? Or The Plastics in Mean Girls with their logo tees, millennial pink everything, flirty skirts and "slutty" Halloween costumes? And while Halloween is around the corner, we're not here to inspire a risqué costume, but prove how much movies inspire fashion choices and our awareness of designers and trends!

Feeling nostalgic for 2004? Let's revisit the early aughts and the Mean Girls trends that inspired closets everywhere! And let's see if you were a real-life plastic.


Logo tees and tanks

Throughout the movie, the Plastics rocked their logo tees and tanks. Whether they said "A little bit dramatic" or "Bling, Bling" these tees were a thing. Well, not to get political on you, but this "Dior Not War" logo tank really packs a punch!  

Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Bags

Whether it was a displayed on a belt or a handbag, Regina George clearly had a love for Takeshi Murakami's Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom print. LePrix also has a deep adoration for Murakami prints!  

Tiffany & Co. Jewelry 

Any girl or young woman who followed trends in the early 2000s knew just how important it was to own a "Please Return to Tiffany & Co. New York 925" sterling silver bracelet or necklace. This iconic piece of jewelry was the epitome of cool girl style and has Plastics written all over it!  

Burberry Nova Check Print 

  Burberry's nova check print made a serious fashion statement when Gretchen Wieners' went shopping in her red "Royal Punk" logo tee and paired it with a belted, pleated Burberry miniskirt. Here's a cute printed nylon check baguette that would get even Gretchen Wierner to forget about her gold hoop earrings.

Strappy Sandals

When Cady finally ditched her flannels, oversized polos and sneakers, she traded up for mini skirts and strappy pink heels, like these Sophia Webster Patent Leather Madame Chiara Butterfly Sandals.  

Fancy Pink Dresses 

Who can forget the Spring Fling dance? While Cady rolled up in her Mathlete uniform, Regina stunned in a sleeveless pink dress (a little like this sequin frock by Dolce & Gabbana) and dolled up her back brace with pink flowers.  

Ready to take it back to 1995? Let's go time traveling with styles from Clueless!

He does dress better than me. What would I bring to the relationship? -- Cher in Clueless

The Mini Backpack 

Whether it was black leather, metallic silver or fluffy white, Cher rocked the mini backpacks. And this Burberry Check Graffiti Backpack has Cher's name written all over it.  

A Vivid Houndstooth (or Plaid) Dress

Bold checks, mix-and-match patterns, and layering is the name of the game in Cher's high school. This rainbow-hued, houndstooth silk frock by Oscar de la Renta is anything but a "full-on Monet."  

Plaid Platform Pumps

  These plaid Prada pumps will have everyone saying, "Nice stems!"  

A Beret

Cher would definitely say, "Oui, oui" to this chic Parisian staple. Crafted in cozy wool with the renowned CC logo, this Chanel Beret makes the grade in high school and the real world!  

All Yellow Everything

While we don't have a three-piece yellow plaid jacket, vest and pleated skirt ensemble, we do have lots of yellow on our site. Just like this luxurious Christian Dior Lady Dior Python handbag. It's totes Cher-approved!  

A Cute Cardigan

Cher and Dionne were all about their colorful knits. Whether it was a cute cardigan or a sweater vest, they were layered and paired to perfection. This Chanel Crochet Cardigan is crafted in a sumptuous cotton blend with interwoven silk tulle, a notched collar and CC button closures.   Shop all Mean Girls and Clueless looks at LePrix.  
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