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Industry + Insights / October 19, 2019 / Mary Zubritsky
It's Official: Chanel Prices Increased.
I don't do fashion. I am fashion. - Coco Chanel
Few women were as fabulous and classy as the legendary Coco Chanel. Her words of wisdom, ethereal style and iconic brand will live on forever in our hearts, minds and closets. Whether Chanel leaves you with visions of quilted leather, tweed or double CCs dancing in your head, one thing's for sure…Chanel is dreamy and it's getting more expensive. But, what if you just can't afford (or want) to drop $6,000 on a handbag? Don't fear, there are oh-so-many options. LePrix was one of the first to tell you about the price increases for Chanel's classic bags like the Classic Flap and the Boy Bag. Well, they officially increased on October 31, 2019 at 0%-3.57% (or $0-$200 each). As a refresher, below is a chart showing you the prices beforehand. Chanel Retail Prices 
Style & Size Prices Before 10/31/19
Small Classic Flap $5,000
Medium Classic Flap $5,600
Jumbo Classic Flap $6,200
New Chanel Retail Prices So, this price increase means that the Medium Flap Bag is now $5,800, the Jumbo Flap Bag is $6,400, and all of the Boy Bags increased by $100 each. That's why buying resale just makes dollars, and sense...and especially on the iconic bags. While Chanel's style hasn't changed, the resale prices are a steal compared to retail. Well, we've scoured our BIG Chanel sale to present to you some of our top Chanel resale picks. So, whether you're looking to save on a Chanel, buy a Christmas gift or just need a little retail therapy, we've got the designs that'll make you shine, no matter your budget.

Chanel Under $900


CC Hammered Gold Necklace

For babes on a slight budget (but still digging for gold) this hammered gold Chanel CC necklace will add a lot of bling to your neck.  

Cambon Continental Wallet

  Could there be a better place to store your credit cards, cash and driver's license? This quilted leather zip-around wallet with the CC logo doubles as a fashion statement and a portable bank of sorts.  

 Double CC Earrings

Get all wrapped up in these gorgeous vintage double CCs.  

Cambon Tote

  Well, look at what I found...the famous Cambon bag, perfect for an everyday tote or for your next vacay.  

Chanel Under $2,000


Vintage Quilted Leather Mini Shoulder Bag

  Timeless. Classic. Exquisite. Luxury. The beauty of Chanel bags. Instead of going modern, why not go for one of the vintage designs that has stood the test of time? I just LOVE this quilted leather mini shoulder bag.  

Caviar Leather Bowling Bag

Whether you're going bowling, or just want to look a little sporty chic, this quilted caviar bag with the Chanel logo embroidery will ensure you never strike out when it comes to style.  

CC Rhinestone Ruthenium Earrings 

  Between the swish of the dangle and the sparkle of the ruthenium, these Chanel CC rhinestone earrings will be music to your ears, and earlobes.  

Vintage Chanel Logo Bag

This vintage Chanel can be yours for less than $2,000! That's'll always be just another day strutting the streets of NYC when you're carrying this unique bag as seen on Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat.  

Chanel Under $3,500


Filigree Iridescent Leather Mini Bag

  Hey, unique collectors! This ultra-rare Chanel bag is crafted in iridescent caviar leather and features magical rainbow hardware. Trust me, with this one-of-a-kind design on your shoulder, you'll stand out from the crowd.  

Gunmetal Metallic Leather 2.55 Reissue Jumbo Flap Bag

  You'll feel like you're walking into Studio 54 with this bag on your shoulder. Crafted in reflective, metallic leather with gunmetal hardware, the classic 2.55 reissue gets gussied up like a disco ball!  

Quilted Matte Caviar Double Flap Jumbo Bag

  Darling, you'll never feel blue with this classic Chanel handbag on your shoulder. In a perky hue with silver-tone hardware and renowned CC logo, it'll be clear, blue skies ahead...always!  

 Tweed Classic Flap Handbag 

An ode to Chanel's much-loved jacket, this tweed flap bag is crafted in a classic houndstooth design with chain shoulder straps and the renowned CC logo. The only thing guaranteed in life is death and Chanel price increases. Might as well save on Chanel bags and buy it resale. Shop all Chanel at our sale.
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