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Industry + Insights / September 27, 2019 / Mary Zubritsky
Closet Crush: Emily Erkel, CMO of LePrix
Is there a woman at work who's always dressed to the nines? Someone you pass every morning whose style boggles your mind? Or what about your impeccably-dressed Instagram influencer crush (hello there, Anchyi!)? Surely, you've daydreamed about taking a peek inside and even shopping their closet. Style crushes are the real deal. And while they're not going to break your heart, seeing them does cause it to flutter because…OMG they just look so amazing! We feel you, that's why we are launching a brand new blog series called "Closet Crush" where we interview some of our favorite style setters whose wardrobes makes us weak in the knees and our heart skip a beat!
If you're finding yourself stalking LePrix and finding amazing designer pieces, you can thank Emily Erkel, the CMO and co-founder of LePrix. Her team has curated an insane collection of gorgeous pre-owned items from an extensive range of designers. Of course, as expected, the same thing can be said of Emily's closet, which is filled with all of our favorite designers from vintage to new.
Read more to see what TV show influenced her wardrobe, how she constantly upcycles and the one piece of advice she gives that will change the way you shop.
  Hey, Emily! Thanks for letting me step inside your closet so I can swoon. Now, name one celebrity whose closet you'd shop till ya drop. My dream would be to shop Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's closet. She's a pro at putting together the perfectly polished look! I want every single item she's ever worn. Obsessed. Which item in your closet has the most meaning?  After my engagement ring, it has to be my blue Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps. These were gifted to me by my sisters for my wedding day (yes, just like Carrie Bradshaw) and I will never, ever part with them! Just looking at them makes me so happy and reminds me of our wedding night, dancing into the wee hours with all of our favorite people in the world together in the same room. Any idea which designers or brands can be found most frequently in your closet? For handbags, Chanel and Hermès. For shoes, definitely Manolos. Let's just say SATC was a big influence on me during my early 20s. For clothing, I wear a mix of high and low-end designers from Zara to Celine, but I've recently found amazing scores on LePrix from The Row and Balenciaga. What are your 3 favorite items right now? I really love my vintage Chanel belt from LePrix. Of course, I love my classic Birkin 30 GHW. It's the perfect size for a petite girl like myself! Finally, my Bottega Veneta Pouch in NudeButter Calf is so yummy. The leather is just so buttery soft and sumptuous and it goes with everything. What’s something in your closet you absolutely love, but others loathe? I have this gorgeous white faux fur coat from one of our boutiques on LePrix. It's so cute, but my husband is not a fan AT ALL. He calls it the Yeti coat, but whatever, I still wear it around and feel like a total rockstar when I do! Do you save everything or do you Marie Kondo and resell once you’re over it? I am a huge fan of upcycling. One of my favorite things to do is Kondo and purge items that no longer bring me joy or I haven't worn in years. Whenever I decide what should go, I consign it through our White Glove Consignment program and with that money, I can buy the next item on my wishlist! Top five favorite brands. This is easy...Hermès, ChanelBottega Veneta, Celine and Manolo Blahnik!
Which item in your closet was the biggest steal? 
My absolute best find was a classic camel Max Mara coat. I had been on the hunt for it for years and I found it at one of my favorite stores on LePrix, Luxury Garage Sale. It’s a beautiful coat that retails for $2800 and I got it for $300 (almost 90% off retail). I love the thrill of hunt and scoring something special like this at such a great price.If you're hunting for something special, I have three pieces of advice for you: 1) tell our personal shopping team so they can be on the hunt for you, 2) bookmark the designer page and check daily and finally 3) if it does appear and it's one size bigger, get it! Sometimes you just need to go up a size and a good tailor can also work wonders.
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