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Industry + Insights / August 23, 2019 / Mary Zubritsky
Cartier, Van Cleef, Bulgari & more: The Best of Jewelry
There are two types of women…those who obsess over shoes and handbags, and those who spend all their money on luxury baubles. Jewelry—especially if it’s from a top design house like Van Cleef, Yurman, Chanel and Cartier—should retain its value, and if it’s a one-of-a-kind designer piece, or once owned by a Hollywood legend or a blue-blood elite, it may be worth even more. LePrix knows jewelry is a valuable, emotional investment that adds a lot of dazzle to your ensemble and a glimmer in your eyes. That’s why we’ve not only got stunning, pre-owned rings from jewelers that'll make your heart sing, but also ultra-unique vintage necklaces, earrings, are more, that you’ll absolutely adore. Come see what’s in store at LePrix!

David Yurman

David Yurman is a name that’s been synonymous with jewelry for over two decades. While your mind might initially wander to his renowned silver cable design (which is the common thread connecting all his collections) he’s really grown as a designer and has added hundreds of pieces that don’t quite scream his name when you see them. Check out these stunning necklaces.

David Yurman Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant Necklace 


David Yurman Albion Sterling Silver Necklace 

Shop more David Yurman

Roberto Coin 

While Roberto Coin may not be a household name quite like David Yurman or Cartier, the fashion industry recognizes him as the creator of many of the most unique trends in jewelry of the past few decades. Each piece is inspired by his passion for different cultures, various multi-ethnic influences, traveling, art and nature. Roberto Coin signs off on each one of his pieces by inserting a small ruby inside the jewelry piece, so it'll be in direct contact with the skin of whomever wears it. This magical signature, surrounded by an antique halo of legend, represents the message of good wishes that Roberto Coin dedicates to his passionate clientele.
Fashion is changeable. It is whimsical. Style is not. Style is part of us, of our life, in every moment and every expression. - Roberto Coin

Roberto Coin Yellow Gold Elephant Skin Bracelet 


Roberto Coin Yellow Gold & Diamond Elephant Skin Earrings 

Shop more Roberto Coin 


Cartier is a name that needs no introduction since it's one of the most prestigious jewelry manufacturers in the world. From the Love Bracelet to the Tank Francaise Watch and the Panthere motif that adorns many of Cartier's most memorable designs, it's no wonder this brand has been the jeweler of choice for royalty, celebrities and socialites since 1847.

Cartier 18k White Gold Love Bracelet 


Cartier 18k Yellow Gold Pearl Panthere Ring 

Shop more Cartier

Van Cleef & Arpels 

To be lucky, you have to believe in luck – Jack Arpels
The instantly recognizable “Alhambra” or four-leaf clover is Van Cleef & Arpels' version of a monogram. Symbolizing luck, it has become one of the most iconic creations of the Maison since 1968. Meanwhile, equally graceful and elegant, Van Cleef & Arpels’ butterflies embody a nature in constant bloom and renewal. They flutter from flower to flower, gracing them with their lively colors created from exceptional stones and precious materials.

Van Cleef & Arpels Gold Sweet Alhambra Onyx Earrings


Van Cleef & Arpels Gold Mother-of-Pearl Sweet Alhambra Butterfly Necklace

  Shop more Van Cleef & Arpels  


Whether you spell it Bulgari or Bvlgari, what was originally founded in Greece in 1884 as a single jewelry shop that specialized in silver, has since become an international brand. Now part of the LVMH Group, Bulgari specializes in everything from jewelry to sunglasses and hotels! Bulgari jewelry designs are still inspired by the company’s Greek origins and Roman heritage, as well as 19th century Roman archeology and ancient coins.  

Bulgari B.zero1 Rose Gold & Black Ceramic Necklace 

Bulgari Rose Gold, Onyx & Diamond Serpenti Ring 

  Shop more Bulgari and then shop all jewelry at LePrix!  
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