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Industry + Insights / July 30, 2019 / Mary Zubritsky
Must-Have Goyard Totes, Luggage & Messenger Bags!

 While you may not be super familiar with Goyard, you’ve certainly seen someone carrying around the iconic shopping tote and you probably fell in love. It looks a bit like the LV Neverfull, but instead of the LV logo, Goyard features a multi-colored chevron design printed on coated canvas. 

So, if haven’t heard, LePrix also loves Goyard! Goyard is one of the few brands that are not sold online so unless you live next store to a Goyard store (lucky you) shop your heart out on our amazing collection of pre-loved Goyard.  We've got dozens of bags—from shopping totes, to top-handle bags, and messengers to suitcases—in excellent condition. Is the Saint Louis Tote too floppy? Consider the Comores Tote! Not feeling a totally canvas, monogramed bag? Or get your hands on the Saigon featuring buttery soft leather trim . . . Let's figure out which Goyard is best for you.

An exclusive, elusive brand

There’s a good chance you’re still not sure exactly who or what Goyard is…and that’s part of their brand strategy! Goyard’s under-the-radar reputation is what makes them so attractive to their luxury clientele. Mass market appeal waters down the exclusivity factor! Goyard is the oldest leather goods maker that’s still in business today. It was founded in Paris in 1853—just a few years before Louis Vuitton—when Francois Goyard purchased it from Maison Morel. Goyard’s signature interlocking Y print (which is a symbol of the Goyard family’s history as log-drivers) is eye-catching, but not necessarily identifiable as they do not use their first initial in the logo pattern. Most Goyard products are crafted out of Goyardine, which is their signature coated canvas fabric.
"Luxury is a dream and revealing too much of what goes on behind the scenes would spoil the magic,” a Representative for the House of Goyard
To remain as exclusive and elusive for as long as possible, Goyard kept the business all in the family… But in 1998, Jean Michel Signoles, a collector of Goyard products, purchased the company from the family and set out to reinvent the brand. He exploited the heritage of the house, built new workshops in France, and opened retail stores all over the world. Even though Goyard currently has fewer than half a dozen standalone boutiques around the world, you still cannot just walk into a Goyard shop and walk out with one of their extravagant goods. Sometimes you might be waitlisted until you are deemed worthy. But lucky for you, LePrix has dozens of Goyard bags just waiting for you to get your hands on...and we won't waitlist you just because your last name isn't Windsor.  Even today, the company is shrouded in secrecy…they do not advertise, promote themselves, grant interviews, accept celebrity endorsements and they still do not have an online shop on their site! They equate silence to elegance.

The Comores

This thoroughly modern Goyard Comores tote is the perfect day-to-night bag. Crafted in the signature Goyardine coated canvas, this chic tote features dual-flat leather handles with buckle detailing, leather trim, protective base studs and silver-tone hardware.

Goyard Comores Tote Bag


The Saigon

Reminiscent of Goyard’s trunks, featuring a structured body, wood trim and a carved, polished wooden top handle, this timeless design is draped in Goyard’s signature Goyardine coated canvas.

Goyard Saigon MM Top Handle Bag

The Beluga

This striking Goyardine silver coated-canvas carryall features leather top-ring handles and silver-tone hardware. The top-zip closure opens to reveal a yellow fabric interior with inner zip pocket.

Goyard Beluga Bag


The Belvedere 2

The classic messenger bag gets a signature makeover in Goyardine coated canvas with soft leather trim. Featuring palladium-plated hardware, an adjustable shoulder strap with buckle, single exterior pocket, canvas lining, three interior slip pockets and front flap closure.

Goyard Belvedere 2 Messenger Bag


The Doggy Trunk

For the poshest pup in town, this luxe trunk opens to reveal two removable palladium doggy bowls which are secured on a beautifully finished wood platform and can easily be removed for cleaning.

Goyard Doggy Trunk


The Majordome Suitcase

Travel like royalty with the Majordome suitcase, crafted in signature Goyardine canvas, featuring palladium fittings, a lock, keys, interior pockets, and wrap-around zip closure.

Goyard Monogram Majordome Suitcase


The Saint-Louis Tote

The Saint-Louis tote is a bona fide classic and the star of the Goyard show. The kind of timeless staple you continually see on the street. With its open top, dual-rolled handles, inner pocket and matching detachable pouch, it’s no wonder you see this lightweight carryall on the shoulders of people everywhere!

Goyard Saint Louis Tote Bag

Shop all Goyard Bags at LePrix.
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