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Industry + Insights The Latest Style The Guide LePrix Profile / June 30, 2019 / Mary Zubritsky
Top 5 Luxe Fashion Trends in Monaco
Since Monaco is a little over an hour train ride from Cannes, we did a mini grand tour of Grace Kelly’s former home. Sadly, I was a week late for the Grand Prix, but the Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Alfa Romeos and McLarens were still zooming around the town. [caption id="attachment_25460" align="aligncenter" width="690"] Looking out at Monaco from inside the Monte Carlo Casino[/caption] I was only there for a couple of hours so my fashion trends list is limited to the top five because obvi you can’t be a good judge of style by checking out tourists who are also taking pics of the Lamborghinis and yachts. Once we arrived, we searched for a place to have a glass of champagne but got lost because Google maps had us walking on water. So, we “swam” over to the Fairmount Monte Carlo Hotel and spent about 30 minutes taking pics in front of yachts. The customers at Nobu wanted to shove us into the sea. Then we finally found the Hotel Hermitage where another impromptu photoshoot took place, but I was focused on this woman… [caption id="attachment_25456" align="aligncenter" width="690"] This woman had some serious style[/caption] Obsessed. She was wearing an army green, military-inspired jumpsuit that was cinched with an Hermes belt, toting an alligator Birkin and topped off the look with a camo cap. Then this other chick rolled up in her workout gear and sat at the table to our right. It took me about 30 minutes to realize her ENTIRE workout outfit was Chanel! The baseball cap, the sneakers, the gym bag and even the tee! She basically worked out in an outfit worth more than my life! And meanwhile, I was rocking my designer resale items and felt like I should ask for handouts from the fancy folks at the rooftop restaurant. [caption id="attachment_25462" align="aligncenter" width="262"] Here I am pretending to belong...[/caption]   Well, from observation comes inspiration and all this fawning over the uber-wealthy just made me want to shop and since I can’t afford an athleisure wardrobe by Chanel, the next best thing is designer resale. So, duh, of course I started scouring LePrix for similar pieces.   Here are the top five trends spotted in Monaco and Monte Carlo:  

Anything that shimmers

Whether it’s a five-carat emerald-cut diamond, Swarovski crystal-embellished designer jeans, sequin ballgowns, yellow gold Rolex watches, the ceilings of Monte Carlo’s casino or the rims of a flashy Ferrari, everything glimmers.

Rolex Datejust 6915 Presidential Yellow Gold & Diamond Women's Watch  


Bright prints

Cavalli is a big thing here! I tried on his floral-print jeans, a silk baby doll dress and an artful houndstooth print jumpsuit. Since Monaco is blooming with some of the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen, it’s no surprise the fashions reflect the atmosphere. But not to be outdone, Pucci prints were keeping it classy and Dior too.

Dior Sleeveless Floral Print Dress with Silk Skirt Overlay



At one boutique, I spotted the most amazing,  embroidered Valentino frock with a feather-trimmed collar that absolutely stole my heart. But so did the Chanel jackets, the Alexis dresses, the Elie Saab couture gowns and skirts by Oscar de la Renta. Swoon!

Louis Vuitton Floral Embroidered Dress


Valentino Embroidered Feather & Sequins Skirt

Logos & extravagance 

As I mentioned above, Chanel and Hermés stole the luxury show. Everywhere I looked I saw the ‘H’ and ‘CC’ on hats, shoes, belts, bags, sunglasses and jewelry. And I’m not even talking about the basic styles. Everything was designed of the most luxurious materials…crocodile, snakeskin, alligator, ostrich and lizard.

Chanel Lizard Straight Line Flap Shoulder Bag


Luxury Designer Sneakers

Most women I spotted were not wearing Louboutin heels, but extravagant sneakers. Whether it was the Chanel athleisure lady at the Hermitage, the lady at the café in her Balenciaga kicks or those shopping the Carré d’Or and Allées Lumiéres boutiques in Miu Miu and Prada, luxury kicks made the most luxurious statements.

Balenciaga Multicolor Mesh & Leather Triple S Trainer Low-Top Sneakers

Want more Monaco-inspired fashion fit for a Princess? Shop LePrix!
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