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Industry + Insights The Latest Style The Guide LePrix Profile / June 30, 2019 / Mary Zubritsky
Top 10 Fashion Trends in Portofino
  While fashion is my passion, traveling has become an obsession and I’m beyond obsessed with Portofino and Santa Margarita Ligure! Oh, where to start? The refreshing scent of fresh garlic in the morning (see you later, vampires), the twists and turns through the hills, the cerulean blue sea water, the rocky beaches that are speckled with a rainbow of beach umbrellas, hidden beach bars and the awe-inspiring architecture. So, while Cannes style was a little more city meets beach, Portofino is all about linen, lace, caftans and pompoms. Think chic, beachy style…just like the two girls below who I snapped because I wanted to be them and look like them! They’re the epitome of Portofino style and I would call it easy, breezy meets classy. While I want nothing more than to return with my own piece of Portofino style, my carry-on suitcase simply can’t handle it unless I wear my Self-Portrait and Alexis dresses at the same time. So, of course I’m taking mental notes of everything, knowing I can go to LePrix and find something just like it, and they’ll handle the heavy lifting themselves (like, getting it to me). And plus, I’m reducing my carbon footprint this way by buying resale. And yeah, I mean, why pay full price for some unknown designer when I can get their inspiration (but better) by Self-Portrait, Zimmermann or Alexis for the same price? Below is my top 10 in Portofino and Santa Margarita Ligure:


As I mentioned above, I’m all about Self-Portrait and Alexis. Sadly, the dresses take up way too much room in carry-on luggage, so I had to stick with silk. Portofino is a lace-lovers’ dream come true. Whether it’s white, black, baby blue, yellow or orange, lace is everywhere…and reminds me of Self-Portrait, but for less. Oh, did I mention LePrix has a huge selection of SP dresses, skirts and tops?  

Self Portrait Sweetheart Azalea Lace Midi Dress


Linen is EVERYWHERE. It’s super lightweight and breezy, but have you ever owned linen? Talk about wrinkles! There’s a shop here called 100% Capri that has the most amazing linen dresses, tops, jumpsuits, and more. They have models parading around the waterfront restaurants in their impeccable designs and I’m obsessed, but holy crap $895 for a white ruffled top that’ll NEVER look that good on me? Nope.

Chanel Lace-Trimmed Linen Dress


Colorful, fluffy and full of fun—pompoms can be found on top of shoes and hats, and dangling from dresses, handbags, tops and Sesame Street characters.

Fendi Mini 3jours Fur Pompoms Leather HandBag

Wicker bags

You know what they say…candy is dandy, but wicker is quicker! Oh wait, that’s liquor. I might’ve had too many Aperol Spritzes. Wicker bags are lightweight and lovely with a beachy feel. Pairs perfectly with another Aperol Spritz. And maybe a Negroni.

Hermes Limited-Edition Bolide Wicker Barenia Picnic Bag

Kaftans & Coverups

You can’t roll up to a posh beach bar in a thong bikini, so it’s imperative you have a fancy, fashionable coverup or kaftan that perfectly reflects your beachy style. Semi-sheer designs with rainbows, animal prints and pompoms took the wind out of my sails.

Diane von Furstenberg Clare Embellished Kaftan


No surprise here, espadrilles are the sneakers of Portofino and Santa Margarita. Nothing says laid-back, yacht style more than these casual kicks (or wedges) that are trimmed with natural jute and topped off with breathable canvas or cotton fabric.  

Chanel Geometric Print Canvas Espadrille Flats 


Floppy hats

Whenever I think of floppy hats, my mind flashes back to Jennifer Lopez’s “Jenny from the Block” days. P.S. How amazing does she look? She’s ageless! There’s something about those straw hats with the oversized brim that say more J.Lo than Scarecrow (Wizard of Oz) and they definitely scream Portofino style.

Gucci Alba Scarf Straw Hat


Round sunglasses

Paging John Lennon. Round and reflective is the name of the game. It’s pretty cool though because you can take some sweet pics with your iPhone when you focus on the lenses. Strawberry Fields forever! My Linda Farrow sunnies are mirrored, but cat’s eye style…I got some cool shots!

Miu Miu Round Sunglasses 


Embellished sandals

If you’d like your feet to be the center of attention (no thanks, mine are scary), then slip them into a pair of bejeweled sandals. It’s not quite Cinderella, but they definitely take casual style up a notch with a little bling.  

Valentino Rockstar Rubber Slides

Summer knits

Be cool and think Missoni. Lots of knits...and many with metallic threads too! I spy a big metallic thread trend. 

Missoni Chevron Print Knit Jumpsuit

Want to look like you belong in Portofino? Shop LePrix for all your Italian Riviera inspiration.        
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