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Industry + Insights The Latest Style The Guide LePrix Profile / June 26, 2019 / Mary Zubritsky
Top 10 Fashion Trends in Cannes
Picture this...I'm sitting at a sidewalk café right next to the beach in Cannes, France (that’s me in the floppy hat). I jetted off to the French Riviera for the Cannes Lions Festival, but instead of attending lots of sessions and parties, I’ve been blogging about the fashion! Ok, I’m American, but I’m about to throw us under the bus because we just don’t do fashion quite like the French. Thing is, the French can throw on a garbage bag and look glam. Meanwhile, we can spend an obnoxious amount of money on Dior and Givenchy and still look like we don’t own a mirror. I feel like most Americans just look sloppy! #sorrynotsorry While the “boardwalk” on the Cannes beach houses shops we all know and love—Gucci, Fendi, Dior, LV, Celine, and more—I absolutely fell head over heels for practically everything at Ferragamo. Of course, with lust comes desire, and then a moment of...
OMG champagne, stop making me think dropping $3,000 in a matter of minutes is logical!
So, I left empty-handed and went straight to LePrix’s site to check out all their Ferragamo goods…because let’s be real, we all know we don’t have to pay retail price anymore and it’s better for the planet to buy luxury resale fashion anyway! After watching thousands of stylish people stroll by me on the streets and fly by on Vespas, I decided to put together a top 10 list of trends spotted at all four of the places I’ll visit on this trip, beginning with Cannes, and then Portofino, Monaco and London.

The Cannes Top Ten


Chanel Deauville Shopping Tote

In addition to numerous Birkins in a rainbow of colors, I also saw MANY Chanel Deauville Shopping Totes. So, now I want a Deauville too! *logs on to LePrix*

Chanel Studded Leather Deauville Shopping Tote


Metallic threads

Everything has been designed with metallic threads. Whether silver or gold, most dresses look like someone spun it with tinsel, which made me very happy since I brought my very own maxi with golden threads!


Versace Versus Metallic Animal Print Dress


Oversized sunglasses

Whether cat’s eye, round or metallic, everyone was keeping it cool with an awesome pair of shades. I spotted a lot of Fendi sunglasses along with Chanel and Dior, but my favorite was a fabulous pair of Linda Farrows that Lady Gaga recently wore to the Met Gala. Thoughts?

Well, more than likely after another glass (or three) of champagne I'd probably leave them at a bar. And at about $300, it was a purchase I couldn’t justify, so I went to LePrix and found something even better! Woo, check these out!

Gucci Swarovski Crystal-Embellished Square Sunglasses 

All-white everything

Crisp white on white is the name of the game here. Whether it’s handbags, platform sneakers, lace dresses, overflowing caftans, oversized shirtdresses or off-the-shoulder ruffled tops, pure white is on display.

Goyard St. Jeanne Coated Canvas Handbag 



Logo-mania crossed the pond! I spy Chanel CCs on baseball caps, shoes, sunglasses and, of course, handbags. The Fendi FF, Louis Vuitton LV and Dior CD are littering the beach bars with fashionable monograms.

Louis Vuitton Louise Chain Shoulder Bag

Long dresses

I don’t see many short dresses at all. Everything is either midi or maxi length—very elegant—and neatly pressed too. Take note, Americans!

Self-Portrait Striped Crochet Maxi Dress


Designer sneakers

While I can’t fathom spending over $200—forget about $2,000—on a pair of sneakers, it is a thing here! Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Prada and Miu Miu can be seen on the fashionable feet of the local elite.

Christian Louboutin Rantus Orlato Glitter High-Top Sneakers 


Collared Shirtdresses

White and denim oversized shirtdresses are everywhere and on every woman. Some long, some short…and some looking totally elegant.

How classy does this lady look?


Moschino Couture Tie-Front Shirtdress 


Oversized t-shirt dresses (many with vintage rock band logos)

This is where Cannes gets a little sloppy…I’ve seen many oversized tees worn as dresses by some of the Millennials and Gen Z women. The ironic part is they probably never got to experience the excitement of receiving a Def Leppard or Depeche Mode cassette tape for Christmas.


Dolce & Gabbana Fabulous Fantasy T-Shirt Dress



Obviously with the sun glaring down on your face and reflecting off the water, it’s no wonder most people are taking shade beneath a structured hat. The most common style? Straw fedoras, but of course I had to be different and purchased an oversized floppy hat.

Gucci Straw Havana Hat with Silk Paisley Scarf

  Want to look like you’re strutting along the beach in Cannes? Shop LePrix for these popular styles, and more!
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