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Industry + Insights The Latest Style The Guide / June 21, 2019 / Mary Zubritsky
Find Your Pefect Designer Belt
We’re getting all wrapped up in designer belts…whether it’s the GG, LV or the H, nothing spells fashionable waists quite like a killer belt. While browsing through the Daily Mail, Refinery 29 or Instagram, you can’t miss the celebs, influencers—and even your friends—who are making a statement and defining themselves by the instantly recognizable letters strapped around their waist. It’s undeniable…belts are back in a big way! And of course LePrix has thousands of your favorite designer belts in amazing condition, just waiting for you to discover. Look, belts are super cool and all, but how do you know that the one you’ve chosen will be right for you? Sizing is a very complicated thing. Did you know that, for example, an American size 6 in clothing doesn’t equal a UK size 6? Since you shop at LePrix, I’m sure you’re aware of the sizing differences, but there are many people who aren’t quite sure just what all of this means! Let me explain with a handy sizing chart...


Gucci belts are all the rage right now. With retail prices starting at $350 and going all the way to $1,200, It’s truly surprising to see so many people splurge, but then again lots of people are “doin’ it for the ‘gram”. Let’s get down to basics…the belt comes in everything from snakeskin to leather and the signature web fabric. There are also a few widths to choose from, so you can go with the narrow width at 0.75”, the medium in 1” and the wide in 1.5” but note that not all materials come in all widths. When choosing a size, decide whether you want this belt to be a hip belt or a waist belt. While not ideal, you can visit your local cobbler to have extra holes punched, but you really should know where you want to wear it before investing. Loving the Gucci belts, but not sure about dropping so much cash on this trend? Never fear, LePrix is here. We’ve got soooo many Gucci belts just waiting for you to get all wrapped up in!

Gucci GG Supreme & Leather Logo Buckle Belt


Gucci Brown Guccissima Leather Logo Buckle Belt



Another must-have logo belt is the Hermés Constance 2 Belt. This luxe essential, which is currently in stores, is crafted in reversible supple Epsom and Chamonix calfskin leather and topped off with a brushed gold-plated H buckle. But again, beware of the sizing as it goes between centimeters and inches, so don’t get confused. At $1,240, which is slightly higher than the Gucci belt, it’s easy to see why buying the original Constance belt from designer resale would make more sense. While pretty much anything by Hermés is guaranteed to be a timeless classic, some might think twice about the price. If you’re on the market for an authentic Constance belt, check us out. We’ve got your H, and more in store.

Hermés Constance Reversible Black & Red Gold H Belt


Hermés Constance Reversible Red & Beige Gold H Belt


Louis Vuitton

While slightly less trendy, but nevertheless exquisite, Louis Vuitton also has a statement-making accessory that’s adorned with its unmistakable LV logo. These timeless leather and canvas designs offer two bold looks in one—choose from a solid leather that reverses to the LV logo print, the Mini Damier canvas to solid and epi leather to smooth. Yet again, being a French brand, Louis Vuitton’s sizing is something one must pay careful attention to as well.

Louis Vuitton Black Leather LV Buckle Belt


Louis Vuitton Damier Azur LV Buckle Belt 


Salvatore Ferragamo

Ferragamo holds a special place in my heart. It’s never been super trendy (which I LOVE) yet the craftmanship and timelessness of this luxury Italian brand surpasses so many others. It’s understated, yet fashionable. Classic with a twist. And the products stand the test of time without being too in your face. I predict the Ferragamo belt with the Gancini buckle is the next big thing…so let’s explore these supple leather designs, shall we? Has a Ferragamo belt caught your eye, but not quite ready to splurge? That's why we're make sure you get just what you're looking for, for real, and for less!  

Ferragamo Red Leather Gancini Buckle Belt 


Ferragamo Black Leather Gancini Buckle Belt 

  Don't see what you're looking for? We also have a fantastic selection of additional belts in excellent condition from Chanel, Fendi, Dior, Prada, and more! Shop belts at LePrix!
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