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Industry + Insights The Latest Style The Guide / June 05, 2019 / Mary Zubritsky
Find the Perfect Louis Vuitton Bag for You ❤️
  But first, a trip down memory lane. In 1854, Louis Vuitton—often referred to as LV—founded his namesake French fashion house. And in 2018, Louis Vuitton was crowned the world’s most valuable luxury brand. With a total brand value of $28.4 billion, and one of the world’s most renowned logos, it’s easy to see why it’s such a heavy-hitter on a global scale.

Just a Boy & His Dream

Louis Vuitton was born in France to a family of carpenters, farmers and milliners. When Louis’s mom passed away at the age of 10, his father remarried and he ended up with a wicked stepmom. So, he did what any fed-up 13-year-old would do…he packed some bags, left his family and made a two-year trek to Paris on foot. He reached Paris in 1837 in the midst of the industrial revolution—when horse-drawn carriages, boats and trains got travelers to their destinations—but sometimes their possessions paid the price. Travelers wanted master craftsmen to create boxes to protect their goods and ensure they arrived safely and securely. At the age of 16, he was offered an apprenticeship with a very successful box and trunk maker named Monsier Maréchal. Louis quickly gained a reputation amongst Parisian fashion elites as one of the cities’ top box-makers. He even caught the eye of Napoleon Bonaparte’s wife, the Amperes of France.

A Store is Born

Vuitton opened his first shop on the Rue Neuve des Capucines in Paris in 1854. He moved his production workshops northwest of the city—that’s where his craftsmen built the celebrated rigid cases, the canvas-covered wooden steamer trunks, and developed the original flat-top gray trunk that was used for French expeditions.
“We safely pack the most fragile objects. Specialty packing for fashion.” – The shop’s tagline
To make it difficult for copycats, he updated his canvas to a beige and brown color and called it the Rayée Canvas. To further deter counterfeiters, his son Georges Vuitton created the iconic LV Monogram Canvas. It was designed in a brownish hue, with Louis Vuitton’s initials, diamonds, circles and flowers printed on coated canvas.

Let's Hear it for the Bags! 

Finding, buying, and toting the ideal bag is nothing short of a blissful experience, and not paying full retail price is just the cherry on top. LV bags are some of the most sought-after and prized accessories, like ever. Whether you're logo-crazed, all about the epi, loving limited-edition prints, or want something a little more understated, we've got all the history-making totes, shoulder bags and carryalls right here. But hey, we're really here to help you figure out which of these exquisitely crafted LePrix LVs are right for you.

The Neverfull

Louis Vuitton's most popular style to date, the Neverfull, can be seen on the shoulders of countless women every day, everywhere! While this popular bag is often purchased new and endlessly loved by one owner, many will make it to LePrix in search of a forever home. You can count on this bag to carry all of your necessities, insecurities, secrets, and more! Louis Vuitton Neverfull NM Tote Monogram Canvas MMLouis Vuitton Neverfull Mm Canvas Tote

Neverfull MM Monogram , Damier Azur and Damier Ebene

  Feeling like adding a little edge or pizazz to the classic Neverfull?  There are so many fun options.     Louis Vuitton Neverfull Trunks Mm Summer Collection 2018 Limited Edition Monogram Canvas Tote 12.6"l X 6.7"w X 11.4"h  

Louis Vuitton Limited-Edition Trunk & Monogram Neverfull Tote Bag


The Keepall

Louis Vuitton's simple vision was to make beautifully crafted, strong and durable travel trunks and luggage.The Keepall was introduced in 1930 as a bag that could fit lots of things, but was still light enough to carry everywhere you go. The design and features mirror today's modern weekend bags, also known as "The Weekender". It's the ideal travel companion and it's available in four different sizes: 45, 50, 55, and 60.

Louis Vuitton Damier Keepall Bandouliere Weekend/Travel Bag


Louis Vuitton Jay Ahr Vintage American Flag Keepall Bag

Louis Vuitton Keepall Bag Monogram Canvas 50

Louis Vuitton Monogram Keepall


The Alma 

In the 1930's, Louis Vuitton's grandson Gaston-Louis Vuitton created the Alma Bag. Rumor has it, the bag was custom-made for Coco Chanel. It was named after the Alma Bridge, a span that connects two Parisian neighborhoods. You can grab it in any size from BB to XXL, and almost any color and material too. Whichever you choose, this bag will make a statement in any season. Strut your stuff across the restaurant while toting a piece of Louis Vuitton history.

Louis Vuitton Alma Bag


Louis Vuitton Patches Monogram Alma Bag


The Noe

This bag was originally designed for a champagne producer as a stylish way to carry wine and champagne. So, Georges Vuitton designed a bucket bag that could hold five bottles and once, and the drawstring was attached to keep them from rattling and moving around.  

Louis Vuitton Epi Noe Bucket Bag

Louis Vuitton Monogram Noe Bucket Bag


The Speedy 30

On the heels of the successful Keepall, a smaller version was introduced in the 60's, called the Speedy. It was the first handbag designed by LV for everyday use and it was created per a request from Audrey Hepburn. You may find that the original Speedy just isn't the one for you, and that's okay! There are plenty of other sizes, materials, and versions, however the 30 seems to be the most popular within the Speedy family. If you're a little more on the simple side, opt for the Epi leather version which comes in a variety of colors to match any outfit! Or go for a limited-edition print!

Monogram Speedy 30Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Bandouliere

Louis Vuitton Limited-Edition Kabuki Monogram Speedy 30 Bag

The Papilion 

The Papilion, a cylindrical shoulder bag with double straps, was introduced in 1966. It's a great little going out bag that'll hold your necessities.

Louis Vuitton Mirrored Metallic Monogram Papillon Bag

    Don't worry your pretty little head, we've got 1000's more of your fave Louis Vuitton bags and they're just waiting for you to get your hands on them! Shop Louis Vuitton at LePrix.
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