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'90s Revival: Neon, Denim, Logos...Oh My!
Ah, the '90s. There are so many things to reminisce from the last decade of the 20th century, and "what goes around comes around" perfectly explains the cycle of fashion. We must admit, our childhood was not our most fashion-forward era. However, if you dust off some of those same looks today you might just end up being the chicest woman in the room. Take a walk down memory lane and check out some of the cool items we're currently lusting over!

Chanel Jumbo Cotton Flap

There's a lot to love about this Chanel Cotton Flap's jumbo in size, it's pink, and it fits more than just your essentials! Perfect for summer, this bag will be sure to electrify any outfit and is perfectly girly. And if you happen to forget your lipstick, just hold it up to your face for instant glow.

Gucci Fanny Pack

This old school trend made a serious comeback in 2018, and it's not going anywhere any time soon. Wear it around your waist with a pair of mom jeans for a very 1998 mom-brings-the-kids-to-Disneyland look. Hope you can find the Mickey Mouse ears buried in your closet!

Louis Vuitton Belt

You already know Louis Vuitton dominates the clothing, shoe, and handbag market, so why would their belts be any different? This Louis Vuitton belt is timeless, iconic, statement-making and incredibly cool.

Fendi Mini Backpack

The mini backpack makes a strong comeback in a polished, #adulting design. It's not only by your favorite F-word (shh...Fendi), but a guaranteed statement accessory that'll instantly up your style game. This Fendi mini backpack can hold all your necessities and your sass, but just not everything you need for class.

Dior Saddle Bag

  Paging Carrie Bradshaw...this Sex and the City staple is back. The increasing craze over this quirky little kidney-shaped bag deserves some recognition. This summer you'll find it carried on repeat by top influencers and celebrities, so why not you? Plus, it's crafted in denim so you can pair it with your favorite stone-washed Guess? Jeans overalls.  

Nicholas Graffiti Pumps

Want a shoe that's just as dramatic as you? if! These Nicholas Graffiti pumps are perfect for the girl who likes to try new things (and standout from the crowd). Add these statement makers to your ensemble to wow and blind everyone in the room. Sunglasses not included.

Martin Maison Margiela Men's Graffiti Sneaker

Take a walk on the wild side with these electrifying Martin Maison Margiela graffiti sneakers. They're the perfect summer sneaker that will freshen up any look. And Punky Brewster approved!   Looking for more 90's summer inspiration? Shop the entire collection of authentic designer items on LePrix!
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