The Useful and Beautiful Shoulder Bag

Ever since they came into use more than a century ago, designer shoulder bags have been much more than an accessory. A quick perusal of the history of handbags clearly shows that they are works of art, with inspired use of fabric, design, and color. No wonder the shoulder bag has been a symbol of celebrity, fashion, and smart-chic ever since it came on the scene. Designer over the shoulder bags have always been noticeable, sharp, and supremely useful.

A Practical Beginning Blossoms Into the Infinite Present

At first, handbags were strictly utilitarian, made for the purpose of carrying coins around, by both men and women. The beauty of the purse was first recognized back in the 17th century, when European girls used their embroidery skills to create lovely bags. It wasn’t too long after that women’s bags became sleek and utilized nice fabrics such as silk and velvet. In 1841, the butterscotch tycoon Samuel Parkinson ordered the first designer leather shoulder bags for his wife, in part to distinguish her from the common people.

These designs soon inspired the likes of designers such as Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Guccio Gucci, who propelled the shoulder bag to new heights. Over the years, as the Museum of Bags and Purses in Amsterdam illustrates, women have had a wonderful selection of bags to choose from. Consider the following creations:

  • A long tapered bag of red silk and tassels from 1860 Italy
  • A circular bag of linen, silk, and glass from 1880 Mexico
  • An 1885 American design of lacy cotton and silk and accented with metal
  • An 1890 American design of black silk and black straps bordered with silver ruffles
  • A 1913 American design by Tiffany of elegant gold with twin teardrop snaps

The Wonderful Now

All of this leads to LePrix, where you have your choice of hundreds of designer shoulder bags from dozens of designers and in every fabric and shape imaginable. It’s simple and fun to match your shoulder bag with an outfit, an attitude, or an event. With a wide choice of pricing options, it’s essential to have a selection of shoulder bags for all of the opportunities in life. The shoulder bags of today can still carry your coins, but now they do so much more.

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