#LePrixProfile: Valerie Macaulay

When it comes to fashion, you either have it or you don’t—and Valerie Macaulay clearly has it. We can only wish we could be as effortlessly sophisticated as she is. Working in fashion her entire life, Valerie now holds the title as Creative Director at La Ligne. Influenced by French culture, Valerie’s wardrobe gives many nods to the fashion-centric country. One look at her Instagram will be sure to arm you with style inspo for daysss! In case you weren’t a fan already, Valerie also happens to be a peruser of designer vintage shopping. Go ahead and find a reason to not fawn over Valerie. C’est impossible!

Fashion is in Valerie’s veins, as a true trendsetter at heart! Find out where she nabs the best vintage finds in her #LePrixProfile!


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