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The Latest Style The Guide / September 18, 2018 / Katarina Brunette
All Suede Everything
Suede and fall go hand in hand.  Jackets, shoes, handbags- you name it and it probably comes in suede!  Something about this delicate material gives your look a cozy, yet high end touch.  Incorporating suede into your outfit is an easy way to appear more polished.  Try wearing a suede jacket over a plain top and jeans to take your casual look up a notch!  Suede skirts and dresses can be perfect for the workplace too as we transition into the colder months.  For the perfect fall and early-winter accessory, wear a pair of suede shoes or grab a chic suede handbag paired.  Read on to see some of our favorite suede pieces and how we suggest rocking them! The Suede Shoulder Bag

The 1970's called and they're loving the renewal of their beloved suede trend!  This multicolor Chloé Faye Bag is the perfect retro piece to pair with a cream colored swing dress, or pants suit. The Suede Jacket

Speaking of a cream colored swing dress, this Loewe jacket is dying to be paired with one.  Keep warm this fall and winter with this goes-with-everything color and style. The Suede Dress How much suede is too much?  This season, there's never enough!  Go big on this trend with a dress like this one by Balenciaga.  Keep the silhouette simple if you don't want to be overwhelmed by the soft, yet statement making leather material.

The Over-The-Knee Suede Boot

Hemlines can go higher in the cold weather when you've got the perfect pair of over-the-knee boots.  This Stuart Weitzman pair has been a mainstay in every it-girl's closet and will continue to be for years to come!

Inspired to join the suede brigade?  Shop the rest of LePrix's curated collection here!

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