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The Latest Style The Guide / August 15, 2018 / Katarina Brunette
What to Wear Wednesday: Interview Attire
Interviews can be a stressful thought for some.  Between perfecting your résumé and getting over interview jitters, the whole process can be overwhelming.  If there's one aspect that can be fun, however, it's in that "what-to-wear" moment!  What do we suggest?  While a dress would be lovely and a suit seems practical, we've got some recommendations what will tae you a lot further than that initial interview.  First you'll need a classic blazer, pants that fit like a glove, and a chic pair of shoes.  Oh, and don't forget a bag that means business.  You can focus on preparing for those interview questions, because we've got you covered in the style department! A Statement Blazer

The Classic Blazer

Blazers are both an interview staple and a must-have for anyone's closet.  If you want to stand out to your potential employer, try wearing a colored blazer like the Escada Blue Iris Blazer paired with a neutral button down.  Wearing a bit of color can let you showcase your personality tastefully and will be sure to make an impression!

If you're the type to play it safe, or if you need that perfect piece to complete a capsule closet, you can never go wrong with a black blazer!  Pair this with any outfit- with pants or a dress, to look polished, classic and professional.  This Calvin Klein Long Sleeve Blazer, is very practical and will be a staple in your work wardrobe.

That Go-To Pair of Pants


Work pants have come a long way since the prototypical wide legged, wool slacks (which we still love).  Feel free to have a little fun!  The pattern on this pair by Lela Rose is simple, but far from boring.  Pair it with a plain white blouse or go all out with a patterned top.  Either way, you'll exude confidence if you find the right fit! The Ballet Flat

Don't make your shoes an afterthought.  They're integral to pulling an outfit together!  Flats like these Chanel Ballerinas, or a low high heel are the way to go for an interview.  You want to be comfy and relaxed.  Having to worry about tripping in your heels or getting blisters is an unnecessary distraction.  Also, stilettos are on the outs anyway!  A block heel or flat shoe is all the rage, currently.

The Work Bag

Now, for the cherry on top of the perfect ensemble, this Louis Vuitton Serviette bag needs to be part of your collection.  You may hear the word "briefcase" and want to run the other way, but how could you not love this sleek, Epi leather option?  It is durable for your commute, and is sized to fit your laptop, notebook, or résumé folder.  Plus, the color black will match any outfit you decide to wear!

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