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The Latest Style / August 12, 2018 / Katarina Brunette
Sunday Reads: Best Bags for Business
In the sometimes monotonous world of business, work bags don't have to be plain and boring.  If  you've lugged the same bag to work for the past few years, try swapping it out for an up-to-date and trendy bag, or an updated classic!  Business hours can be long, but maybe a fresh bag can make your work week a little bit brighter.

The popularity of Gucci is constantly on the rise.  As one of the strongest houses of fashion, you can never go wrong with a Gucci investment!  Their shoulder bags and crossbodies are their current claim-to-fame, but don't forget about their classic totes.   With a button down and slacks, or a blazer over a dress, classic monogram is always a great option!

Gucci GG Tote

Everyone deserves a Louis Vuitton tote at some point in their life!  Whether it's the Brea Tote or the Neverfull, both are very practical for everyday use, especially in the work place.  They're also always trending and always in-demand!

Louis Vuitton Brea Tote

A structured leather bag is a must in any business woman's closet.  If you're in the market for a little (or more like lavish!) reward for all the hard work you've been putting in, go for an Hermès Birkin!  The Birkin comes in a variation of fun colors including your everyday neutrals.  It's the ultimate successful professional's handbag.

Hermes Birkin 30 Bag

Here, we have the most fab of them all!  The Chanel Grand Shopping Tote is timeless so you most definitely would be getting your moneys worth.  It screams office-chic no matter how you wear it!

Chanel Quilted Tote

  Check out all of our totes/briefcases to spice up your work wardrobe!
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