The Vintage Louis Vuitton Keepall X Jay Ahr Embroidery Collection

What do you get when you merge classic handbag craftsmanship with impassioned creativity? We, at LePrix are very proud to unveil the exceptional Vintage Louis Vuitton Keepall X Jay Ahr Embroidery Collection. We love everything about this project, which takes a timeless travel bag and turns it into something spectacular. There is something truly captivating about these unique embroidered vintage Louis Vuitton Keepalls.

So how did this collection come to be? Jonathan Riss’ pushes the limits of embroidery into different luxury industries from architecture and industrial design to art and fashion. This is where the Jay Ahr X Louis Vuitton Vintage project started…

Jonathan Riss’s lifelong love of exploration led him to collect and build one of the largest collections of vintage Louis Vuitton Keepall bags. It took him two decades to masterfully incorporate his artistic inspiration and embroidery techniques to create iconic themes for the most recognizable designer travel bag of all time, The Keepall.

The inspiration behind his work came from local artists and cultural traditions from around the world. Drawing from Persian rugs from Iran, Hokusai, Shunga from Japan, Africa and Pre-Colombian Art, Calligraphy, Iconic symbols from China, Central Asia craftsmanship, etc. Riss took these broader themes and created modern interpretations for each well traveled bag. The embroidery technique makes use of high-quality stones, beads, crystals, yarn and hundreds of different elements using techniques perfected from over 10 years of experience in the fashion industry.

Each bag in the collection has travelled around the world and ended up at the artistic hands of Jonathan Riss. He applied all of his learned embroidery skills to capture the concept of time and place. Each masterpiece is a handmade and unique work of art that reinvents each vintage bag into a contemporary object which is both functional and beautiful to behold.

The first embroidery theme to be revealed is the world flags – whereby artistic interpretations of each country’s flag weaves around the Louis Vuitton monogram.


Now, who is the man behind the extraordinary world flag themed JAY AHR X Vintage Louis Vuitton collection? Read on for more about the creator, the acclaimed designer, Jonathan Riss…

Jonathan Riss was born in Paris and grew up in Brussels near the Royal Museum of Fine Arts where he spent time immersed in the work of modern and contemporary artists. Intrigued by travel, he left Belgium after school to direct a cotton factory in the Ukraine where he developed his skills, designing fabrics and embroidery. Later, he established his own embroidery atelier in Bombay, but eventually fueled his desire to launch his brand JAY AHR, which brought him inevitably back to Paris.

Founded in 2005, JAY AHR (the name is a phonetic spelling of Riss’ initials) is a women’s luxury brand of ready-to-wear clothing and accessories. His collection of bold pieces is comprised of innovative fabrics, constructions and embroidery, built out of the desire to create a world that was all encompassing of Jonathan Riss’ passion for art, culture, architecture and design.

While establishing his brand, Riss cultivated a fond relationship with Asia and began collaborating with traditional embroiderers from different villages in China and Japan. These partnerships led to the opening of JAY LAB, a cutting edge embroidery development ateliers located in different countries such as Japan, Italy, France and China, where craftsmanship reach an ultimate level.


The Vintage Louis Vuitton Keepall X Jay Ahr Embroidery Collection project transforms these classic and vintage travel bags into an exclusive and modern jet-setting piece which captures the hearts of handbag and art lovers around the world. Proud owners will invest in a truly magnificent and enduring piece created using sustainable practices to breathe new life into these luxury Louis Vuitton Keepalls.



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