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The Latest Style The Guide / June 22, 2018 / Jeannette Oh
Rolex: A Pillar of Watch Making History
For over a century, the Rolex watch has been an icon representing the epitome of luxury, combining sleek design, cutting edge technology, and premium craftsmanship. The brand’s founder, Hans Wilsdorf, was a Dutch man born in the 1880s. He began his work in the watch industry at the young age of 19, learning the ins and outs during his time working for a watch export firm and a watchmaker. In the early 1900s, he partnered with his brother-in-law to create Wilsdorf and Davis, their venture into the business of hand-crafted timepieces. The early collections created by the Wilsdorf and Davis brand focused entirely on pocket watches. Unlike today, where a wristwatch is a popular part of many people’s daily wardrobe, pocket watches were greatly preferred in the first half of the 20th century. However, Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law dedicated a considerable amount of time and energy into finding a solution to the issues that challenged wristwatch wear, including moisture, dust and sweat. As the brand’s success grew, Hans elected to establish his own company. He named it Rolex, telling a story of a mysterious “genie” that whispered the suggestion in his ear one day in London. The name fit all the basic requirements, perfectly suited to fit on a small timepiece, easy to pronounce, and memorable. When you purchase a Rolex watch, you’re buying a piece of history. Rolex has been responsible for many of the most critical achievements and advancements in the industry, including the creation of the first wristwatch with a chronometric certification from COSC (1910). In addition, the brand also crafted the first waterproof watch. As a result, Rolex watches have been present in historic deep-sea expeditions, extreme mountain climbing treks, and even on the wrist of one of the most famous film icons of all time: James Bond. A focus on technological advancements and innovation, premium materials, and enduring quality has made Rolex among the most well-respected names in the watch industry. If you’re even slightly familiar with Rolex watches, it’s likely that you know they typically come with high price tags. Of all timepieces made around the world, high quality pieces such as those built by Rolex are wonderful investment pieces. Tests of time have proven that these treasures are built with such high standards that their lifespan is beyond that of a regular watch. These watches are timeless in design and maintain their value quite well. Some popular styles have even managed to increase in popularity and value over time. Shop a pre-authenticated selection of Rolex timepieces from consignment boutiques all over the world and wear a piece of history. Discover some of the most famous styles for men and women, both vintage and modern-day, including the Rolex Datejust, the Rolex Submariner, and the Rolex Oyster, here on LePrix!
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