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The Latest Style The Guide / June 28, 2018 / Elise Whang
Prada: Simple, Clean and Functional
Like a handful of the most iconic names in the fashion industry, Prada got its start in the early 20th century as a small leather goods operation. Headed by Mario Prada, the brand was officially founded in 1913 with the opening of a Milan-based shop that was called Fratelli Prada. The shop offered high-end leather luggage and steamer trunks to meet the growing demand spurred by the exciting growth of the travel industry. As travel became an increasingly common and important part of the life of the elite, Prada rapidly elevated itself into one of the best-known names in the luxury luggage business. After just six years in business, Prada was selected as the primary supplier of luggage to the Italian royals. Founder Mario Prada passed away in the 1950s and left the Prada brand without a chosen heir or successor. Thankfully, his granddaughter Miuccia Prada took a leadership position in the late 1970s, reestablishing Prada as a major fashion player. Among the steps she made for the brand was redefining its presence in the fashion industry, which included crafting innovative designs like the Prada nylon bag. She’s been credited as one of the primary reasons for Prada’s incredible success in recent decades, using her sense of intelligence, modern-day femininity, and distinctive style to craft the beloved aesthetic the brand maintains today. Prada is one of the rare luxury brands that attracts people with a variety of styles, embracing those ranging from classic and traditional to bohemian and eclectic. A vintage Prada bag has the power to speak to nearly anyone, with a perfect balance of timeless elements and creative edge. The Prada Saffiano Lux Leather Tote is a wonderful example of a design that has become a must-have item for any well-rounded wardrobe. Trademark features like the double zipper, strong lines, and elegant color options have earned this Prada tote a place in nearly every fashionista’s closet. Other mainstays of the Prada brand include sunglasses, shoes ranging from heels and espadrilles to sneakers and loafers, clothing, and jewelry. If there’s one thing that Prada truly mastered, it was the ability to create simple, clean designs that are not just desirable in an aesthetic sense, but also incredibly useful and functional. Unlike other designers that built their empire on outrageous designs heavy with embellishments and eye popping colors, Prada stands out with its sleek and organized designs that ensure the item will be useful on a day to day basis. In addition, innovations in leather treatment such as Prada’s Saffiano allows their creations to appear almost entirely unscathed despite years of love. My favorite consignment finds from Prada are almost always made using their sturdy Saffiano leather. These wallets and handbags sometimes appear brand new even after years of use. A close second would be the nylon backpacks or messenger bags. Love the updated look with the robot patches, but for long term purposes, I would probably opt for the solid color options. There are few things more perfect on vacation than a lightweight, stylish hands free bag that has pockets galore! Explore the world of Prada and find the perfect item that will work for you, here on LePrix!
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