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The Latest Style The Guide / June 26, 2018 / Elise Whang
Hermes: The First Ever Leather Bags for People
Did you know that the world renowned designer brand that brought you the covetable, mile long waitlist Kelly and Birkin bags had an unlikely beginning as a European harness workshop, crafting and selling harnesses for nobleman out of a Paris boutique? Hermés was founded by Thierry Hermés in 1837, and quickly evolved into one of the top names in the saddlery industry before the first handbag design was even imagined. Hermés was well known for making beautiful and carefully crafted leather saddles, riding boots, feed bags, harnesses, and riding hats, among other equestrian accessories. In the 1920s, the first ever leather bags for people – rather than horses – were introduced to the fashion world. Thierry Hermés set about creating several distinct designs, including his 1920s Mallette bag, the “sac a depeches” for men, the Lindy bag, and the Kelly bag – which was named for one of its most famous wearers, Grace Kelly. The legendary Birkin bag was created in the early 1980s as a result of a happenstance meeting between Hermés director Jean Louis Dumas and fashion icon Jane Birkin. Birkins and Kellys designed with incredible exotic leathers and diamond embellishments dominate the list of some of the most valuable handbags in the world. Synonymous with luxury and high-end design, Hermés has earned a spot in many closets of the rich, famous, and stylish. For a lucky few, these gorgeous and hard to get items are collector’s items. Fashion icon Victoria Beckham famously owns more than 100 Hermés Birkin bags, ranging from classic black leather to the exotic and daring pink ostrich skin. Big names from the Kardashians to Lady Gaga have also been seen sporting pieces from Hermés both on the red carpet and in their everyday wear. Perhaps it’s a personal dream to be the proud owner of an iconic Hermés Birkin, a piece you can easily pass down as a fashion legacy. Maybe you have a growing collection of Hermés silk scarves, which are not only a popular and stylish accessory, but have established a growing presence as an art piece, framed and hung as an art piece. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece like the legendary Hermés Kelly bag (each of which takes nearly a full day to produce) or a versatile accessory like the Hermés Clic Clac bangle, luxury consignment shopping is a great way to acquire these covetable pieces for less. The exclusivity of the Birkin has become a focal point for the brand and earning a spot on the list can take years of your time. Skip the wait and find a pre-owned piece in phenomenal condition at a more affordable price! Hermés is one of the most impeccably designed and built pieces in the world. Each item is crafted from the best leather by a highly skilled artisan and deserves to be treated like a unique treasure as no two will be exactly the same. Marvel at the beauty of these pieces and discover a fantastic collection of authentic Hermés pieces sourced all over the world from the best luxury designer consignment boutiques. Shop Hermes from the world’s best luxury consignment boutiques from your fingertips with LePrix!
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