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The Latest Style The Guide / June 26, 2018 / Elise Whang
David Yurman: The Story of the Distinctive Cable Twist
David Yurman’s fascination with art and beauty is clearly depicted in the sensually twisting and impeccably polished details found in every piece of his namesake jewelry. It’s no surprise that the founder has deep artistic roots stemming from the young age of 15 where he learned his first welding techniques. Years and years later, Yurman and his beloved wife, Sybil, founded the David Yurman collection in 1980. David was originally a sculptor, and his wife a painter. Together, they use their creative and artistic talent to craft jewelry desired all over the world that is not only stylish and elegant, but also aesthetically appealing works of art. The best ideas persist through the test of time and the same is true of Yurman’s wildly popular Cable Bracelet. This stunning piece was inspired by his desire to create a bracelet that captured the dynamic sense of movement and life encompassed by the shape of the twisted helix. Dotted with finial gemstones, Yurman added a touch of luxury to an otherwise simple piece. First introduced in the world of jewelry in 1983, the design skyrocketed in popularity, gracing the arms of celebrities, fashionistas and everyday women alike as a must-have piece. Today the bracelet remains an iconic design, immediately recognizable and widely loved by many.

While Yurman’s vast collection is constantly expanding and changing, the designer stays true to his roots. The second you lay your eyes on a piece from David Yurman you know it. The twisting helix is a trademarked design element that has become an immediately recognizable by many. Its presence within the brand’s designs is much like the pervasive Louis Vuitton monogram and can be found on most of his collections. This distinctive cable twist is the glue that pulls and holds all his collections together. In addition to the cable, he has also become well known for the plush cushion cut gemstones that sparkle on his Albion collection.

Whether you’re a long time David Yurman devotee, or just discovering his work for the first time, you will quickly learn to appreciate the effortless luxury in every single pair of earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. Of all the jewelry in my personal collection, I find that my Yurman ring is always the perfect touch. Casual enough for jeans and a tee shirt, but just enough sparkle when I’m getting ready to celebrate a big event or attend a party. David Yurman jewelry pieces are designed to flawlessly fit any occasion, from the red carpet to casual weekend errands.

Respectably, David Yurman himself maintains a distinct role in the brand, deeply involved in the creation of each piece from the very first sketches to the final completion. He oversees all aspects of the brand, ensuring a devoted focus on luxury, artistry, and creativity. Incredible gemstones, impeccable precious metals, and unique materials all come together in designs that stand the test of time. This makes these gorgeous pieces wonderful heirloom pieces to pass on to family members and loved ones to symbolize your love for them. Shop David Yurman from the world’s best luxury consignment boutiques right at your fingertips with LePrix!
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