SnobSwap is Now LePrix

Over the past few weeks, we have been hinting that big news is coming and we would be getting an EPIC makeover…

So, as of today… SnobSwap is now LePrix!  LePrix, (pronounced Luh-Pree) means “the PRIZE” in French. You may be wondering “why the change?”

When we first started SnobSwap five years ago, we left our day jobs to bring you the “thrill of the hunt” from our favorite designer consignment stores. Scouring the earth for the best, most trusted luxury consignment stores, and giving you access to them online became our daily mission. Today, we are proud to be partners with close to 500 designer consignment boutiques around the world!

As we grew, we realized that the name SnobSwap did not capture what we were bringing you every day, so we listened to our customers and started brainstorming new names. The name “LePrix” captured our hearts immediately. It more accurately describes what we love to do: bring you the thrill of the hunt and the joy of the prize.

With the new name came a makeover: a new look and an upgraded online shopping experience. We are so grateful to you for coming along this journey with us and helping us grow into who we are today.

Elise & Emily

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