The Icon Series: Hermès Evelyne


Perhaps less recognizable than the Kelly and Birkin but no less beautiful, the Evelyne is a favorite amongst Hermès lovers looking for something a little more casual. With its simple silhouette, adjustable long strap and more affordable price point, it’s no surprise that the bag has seen a resurgence in popularity.

Named after Evelyne Bertrand, the head of Hermès’s Equestrian department, the bag was originally designed to hold horse grooming equipment. Today, the bag is more likely to be found on the everyday woman or man needing a stylish yet functional bag.  The crossbody style is the perfect bag for keeping hands free, running weekend errands and even bringing on your next vacation.

The saddle-shaped sling bag features a snap button closure, an outside pocket and most noticeably, a perforated H intended for allowing air circulation. The Evelyne currently comes in four different sizes. The TPM, the size of a wallet on a strap, is suitable for holding neccessities like a phone, keys and a few cards. The most popular size, the PM/medium, is the ultimate grab and go bag. This size comfortably holds your necessities, as well as a makeup bag, snacks and any other miscellaneous objects, making it perfect for travel. Finally, if you’re looking to fit everything but your kitchen sink, we’d recommend that TGM, or the extra large size.

There are two types of leather, the Epsom, and Clemence. The former being a smoother, embossed calfskin and the latter, a thicker, grainier leather. Like most of the brand’s bags, the Evelyne comes in a wide range of unique colors that are mostly dependent on seasons in Hermès stores. Just a heads up though, LePrix’s got a few goodies, including the coveted Raisin color, Rose Confetti, and a classic Black.

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