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The Latest Style The Guide / August 03, 2017 / Morgan Mercer
The New Classic Handbags to Own in 2017
Every season, designers churn out new handbag styles and it's difficult, even for fashion insiders, to predict which ones are just a fad and which will stick around. In a previous post, we wrote about the handbags that have retained their value and popularity for the few decades that they've been around but after investing in those pieces, what's next? Which bags are the "new classics"? We definitely have our guesses, based on these bags being favored for a few seasons and the potential for them to stand the test of time. Below, are some of our best bets for the new guards of iconic handbags. Chanel Boy Bag handbagShop the Chanel Boy Bag: Since it's Spring 2012 debut, the Chanel Boy Bag has captured the hearts of Chanel shoppers, both young and old. Although the bag has the same structured shape and chain strap of its predecessors, there's just something cooler and more casual about the Boy. Fun Fact: the Boy was named after Boy Capel, lover and muse of Coco Chanel. red goyard handbagShop the Goyard St Louis: Goyard has managed to maintain a level of mystery that's almost unheard of in a world that's constantly plugged in. Even with all the secrecy that surrounds the brand, Goyard is known for its dedication to quality, craftsmanship, and offering exceptional personalization services. The brand's most popular bag, the St Louis tote is both lightweight and functional and an instant status symbol. balenciaga handbag Shop the Balenciaga City Bag: There wasn't a single it-girl back in the early 2000s who didn't own a City/Motorcycle bag and for good reason. The bag is lightweight, durable and features a gorgeous, naturally distressed leather. There are over 100 colors to choose from so chances are, you'll definitely find one you like. givenchy antigonaShop the Givenchy Antigona: The Antigona is one of those killer handbags that every sleek, minimalist dresser wants or owns. Although it isn't an attention-grabbing piece, the appeal of the bag lies in its unique, geometric shape and versatility.   saint laurent sac de jour handbagShop the Saint Laurent Sac de Jour: With the rise in clean, minimal handbags came the Sac De Jour. It's trendy enough with a simple silhouette for it to become a classic piece. Gucci Dionysus handbagShop the Gucci Dionysus: Gucci's had a great year and has almost a cult-following amongst the Insta-generation. The Dionysus is easily one of the brand's most gorgeous and recognizable handbags, what with it's textured tiger head clasp and multiple different variations in monogram, suede, and embroidery. Valentino Rockstud shoulder handbagShop the Valentino Lock Shoulder Bag: Studs have been done by almost every designer but no one can make it look as classy and elegant as Valentino. The Rockstud collection debuted in 2011 and has remained a bestseller since.
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