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The Latest The Guide / August 08, 2017 / Ally Castro
Guide To Chanel Leathers

Designer dreams are made of Chanel! Few handbags spark as much excitement and with the myriad of bags being launched every season, we're spoiled with all the choices.

For many first-time Chanel customers, they've already settled on the bag they want, but haven't put too much thought towards the leather they should get. We've put together a guide on the four most popular types of Chanel leathers, and how to care for them.

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Caviar leather is the most resilient of the Chanel leathers. Made of pebbled calf leather, Caviar has a grainy texture, is less susceptible to scratches, and tends to hold its "puffier" appearance better than lambskin. If you're a girl on the go and plan to live by your new Chanel, then we definitely recommend the Caviar.

Having said that, Caviar leather does still require some TLC. Store in its original dust bag, fill your bag to hold its shape and remember to only pat your bag with water and a soft towel. Also, light colored Caviar leather isn't completely immune to stains and color transfer, so be cognizant of what you're wearing, or what surfaces you place your handbag on.

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Any Chanel fan would probably tell you that Lambskin leather is the most gorgeous, silky-smooth and iconic of all the Chanel materials. The leather is treated, leaving it with a slightly glossy appearance. With its luxurious properties, however, it's also extremely delicate and will flatten over time. Lambskin scratches, dents, and wrinkles fairly easily but with proper care, your Lambskin leather bag can be carried for years to come.

To maintain its appearance, keep it stored properly with the chains tucked inside, to keep it from damaging the exterior. If your bag looks in need of a little cleaning, use a gentle, alcohol-free baby wipe or a good leather conditioner. The conditioner will help to create a light barrier over the material and keep it moisturized.

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Calfskin leather is one of the brand's more versatile materials and comes in different forms such as Aged Calfskin and Metallic leather. Calfskin is smooth and lands somewhere between Caviar and Lambskin in terms of texture.

Like the Lambskin and Caviar, Calfskin leather must be stored properly and wiped with a soft dry cloth as often as possible. In the long run, this will help the leather maintain its shiny appearance.

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Patent leather isn't normally what comes to mind when selecting a Chanel, but you can find it in any of the classic styles. Patent leather is beautifully glossy and easy to clean. Although it is one of the easier materials to maintain, color transfer can happen with this leather and stains are particularly difficult to remove. Be sure to keep any patent leather items in their dust bags and away from items that can cause damage.  For regular cleaning, wiping it with a damp cloth or patent leather cleaner is probably the best way of preserving the leather. For more stubborn smudges, we advise taking it to the Chanel store to get cleaned. If you're willing to take the risk, cleaning the bag with a cloth and Windex is said to do a trick. Test a small area first and dry immediately with a clean cloth.

Now that you're well-versed on the different leathers and what it takes to properly maintain them, pick out you Chanel treasure here! Share your fabulous find with us on Instagram using #LoveLePrix.

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