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Industry + Insights The Latest / July 27, 2017 / Morgan Mercer
From Coins to Chanel: An Interview with Luxury 24-7
We are excited to share our interview with Shelley Rodriguez, the executive director of Luxury 24-7, a boutique partner here on SnobSwap. Rodriguez is a third generation coin dealer and tangible asset expert. She tells us about the perks of running a designer consignment store, how they authenticate items and the red croc Hermès Birkin that started it all. unnamed-1 Tell us about Luxury 24-7. Luxury 24-7 is a division of an already well-established (40 years) high-end collectible, rare coin and estate jewelry store in Alhambra. I had been working with Alhambra Coin as a curator for 15 years when a very good associate of mine, who had been buying and selling high-end designer handbags for a few years, suggested I add the line to our store. We purchased a few bags from him and put them on display. We quickly realized we were on to something, so myself, and Creative Director Jennifer Maclin came up with a vision to build a division of pre-owned handbags and jewelry and build relationships with our clients while implementing key values: authenticity, condition, collectability, and service. We became San Gabriel Valley’s premiere destination where you can buy, sell, and trade luxury handbags, jewelry, accessories, as well as many other high-end collectible items. Luxury 24-7 is dedicated to offering a collection of highly sought after brands in exceptional condition. We take authenticity very seriously and are committed to providing excellent customer care 24-7. Chanel black What is the best thing about running a consignment boutique? For me, I have been working with coins, jewelry, and collectibles all my life, and although it has been an amazing career, it has been dominated by men. Luxury 24-7 has brought a new atmosphere to our store. You never know what beautiful items are going to walk in. I have seen many jaw-dropping pieces of jewelry and handbags. The ladies gush over items for their beauty and how it makes them feel. It is such a great feeling to match people with things they love. It takes the “All Business” aspect to some Business, some fun, and some 'wow' factor! The relationships you build are priceless! lux 24-7 chanel How do you ensure the authenticity of your items? We offer a 100% authenticity guarantee on everything we sell. We have many in house experts that evaluate all handbags, jewelry, watches, and accessories. Jewelry and watches are appraised and inspected by our in-house gemologist and horologist. Grading of stones is done under GIA (Gemological Institute of America) standards. Our top areas of consideration are: Material Hardware Authenticity/date code Serial number Craftsmanship Pedigree Chanel What are the top-selling brands at Luxury 24-7? Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, David Yurman and Rolex.Consignment LV Chanel Boy HermesShop the Louis Vuitton Speedy /Hermès Rivale Bracelet / Chanel Boy Bag What items on Luxury 24-7 are you tempted to snatch up for yourself? I love Chanel! We purchased a few special bags from one of our Chanel clients, including a Chanel Gold Metallic Goatskin and Lace Double flap that's a work of art. I would love to snatch it up and put it on display in my home. Also, we have an incredible Chopard Imperiale Watch which retails for close to $200,000. It's a show-stopper, I try it on every now and then and dream…chanel laceShop the Chanel Double Flap Bag Lastly, what’s the craziest/coolest item you’ve ever sold? This is a great story. We had just started displaying some handbags in our store (a few LV and Chanel, and one 30 cm black Birkin). We had a woman who was walking by and saw them, she came in and asked if we dealt in Hermès Birkins? I, of course, said yes with confidence, (knowing this was only my first month dealing in handbags). She asked if we could locate a Red crocodile Birkin 35cm. I said I will make some calls. It just so happened the associate I mentioned earlier in this interview just picked up a Red 35 cm Porosus crocodile at the Hermes store in Denver (I have been in the business now 5 years, and this never happens). I asked him to please send it to me so I can have the customer look at the bag. I received it the next day, she came in and fell IN LOVE with it. We negotiated slightly and she brought me cashier's check for over $55K. This was the very first bag I sold. I couldn’t believe it was so easy! I said to my partner at the time, we are going for this pre owned handbag thing, this is fantastic and easy… It was kismet.birkin redShop the Hermès Birkin **SnobSwap's boutique partners are all vetted and carefully selected by our team to provide our customers access to authentic, pre-owned luxury from the very best designer consignment stores in the world.
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