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Style / June 26, 2017 / Morgan Mercer
The Icon Series: David Yurman’s Cable Bracelet
The #armparty became a thing back in 2011, when the term was coined by the adorable Leandra Medine (“The Man Repeller”). All over Instagram, we saw girls with stacks of multi-colored friendship bracelets, Rolex watches, Cartier love bracelets, and David Yurman Cable Bracelets. The latter, long believed to have been inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge and spiral jewelry of the Iron Age, was in actual fact inspired by “the curves and textures of nature”. In an interview with Travel + Leisure, Yurman cited the “helix” as his muse, “the pattern is in our DNA, in nautilus shells, and you can see it swirling in the galaxies, too.” The result? A twisted, open-ended bracelet topped with a distinct metal or gemstone that’s become Yurman’s most popular piece. Over three decades, the artist and sculptor has continually redesigned the bracelet, from gunmetal to 18 karat gold and pavéd in 28 karat diamonds, and his fans have lapped it up. I think it’s safe to say that the bracelet has achieved iconic status. It’s timeless but subtle, elegant but edgy and judging from all the #armparties, isn’t going anywhere. Shop: David Yurman Cable Bracelet
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