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Industry + Insights / June 17, 2016 / Julie
LePrix Unveils #LePrixXdecades, a Virtual Pop-Up Curated by Decades
When a legendary designer vintage and consignment boutique like Decades collaborates with SnobSwap on an exclusive collection, there's only one thing to do - celebrate with bubbly, lots of bubbly.  The #snobswapXdecades bash at Decades was an epic night to remember. Between the ever flowing champagne and cake-pops, we had a chance to catch up with the sartorial who's who of L.A. fashion scene.  We're still basking (ok, fine - recovering) in the post-celebration glow.  Guests were able to shop the curated #snobswapXdecades collection featuring coveted classics like Chanel, Givenchy and other beautiful designer pieces in between.  The fashion set, including our favorite Song sisters - Aimee Song of Song of Style and Dani Song, Annabelle Fleur of Viva Luxury, Paola of The Blank Itinerary, Kier of Kier Couture and Thania of Catcher in Style mingled and snapchatted away.  Other guests including TV host Xixi Yang of CNN / HLN live vlogged the event, captured the action and interviewed the trendsetters. "Cameron and I are very excited about this collaboration," Decades owner, Christos Garkinos, says.  "We felt that launching a limited time collection, The Virtual Pop-Up, would be an innovative method to showcase our brand’s association with SnobSwap."  Needless to say, we are so in love with the Decades team. Check out the celebration highlights and the gorgeous crowd below.   Be a part of the experience and shop this amazing #snobswapXdecades collaboration here. [gallery ids="20842,20820,20844,20821,20890,20891,20825,20847,20808,20822,20832,20824,20846,20810,20848,20805,20864,20804,20803,20802,20800,20799,20796,20859,20861,20853,20849,20794,20793,20790,20788,20787,20854,20855,20785,20862,20850,20863,20857,20783,20781,20780,20851,20852,20772,20759,20758,20760,20767,20766,20867,20869,20870,20872,20873,20875,20876,20877,20878,20883"]  
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