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Industry + Insights / December 15, 2015 / Adrienne Yap
Maison Matilda's Bags
The holidays are around the corner and everyone is in a cheerful mood, which calls for the annual #treatyoself festivities. If you have been eyeing a bag for months now, it's time to move it from your wish list to shopping cart. Maison Matilda has the best treat yoself pieces at reasonable prices. Below is a wrap-up of my wishlist, snap it up before it's too late: AsgJ7LQFSGI7vV0gIRhw_cb58b27f756842f4949afb1806891094

Chanel Lambskin Shoulder Bag, $697

This understated Chanel bag is definitely on our lust list. There is beauty in its simplicity, yet their signature chain links and quilt detailing still remain. What I love about this bag is its size. It makes for a good weekend day trip bag where you need just a little extra space for a light read and some snacks. The chain link detailing makes for a good day-to-night transitional piece as well.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Pebble Leather Wallet, $109

I remember the day we were told that Marc by Marc Jacobs will be discontinued. There was a moment of silence, followed by low murmurs of disbelief. Now every piece from that diffusion line has a soft spot in my heart, coming in waves of nostalgia. Marc by Marc Jacobs was the ultimate cool girl brand. It didn't necessarily mean that you had a limited budget. You simply knew that those pieces deserved a spot in your wardrobe. For all you cool girls out there feeling a little lost, this wallet is the pick-me-up you never knew you needed. BLQ2OsVgQlWTrVsU2C0J_7

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Shoulder Bag, $699

Let me be frank with you, there is no way you can go wrong with a Louis Vuitton bag in your collection, especially with the Neverfull. Think of all the references that has been made in hip-hop to this brand. It is placed on a pedestal for a reason. "Bought more jewelry, more Louis V/ My Momma couldn't get through to me." Tell 'em, Kanye.


Coach Tan Leather Crossbody Bag, $71

Look no further as your ultimate daily go-to bag is right here. This chameleon of a bag is perfect for any outfit you decide to throw on because of its neutral color and structured body. I would say that this is worth the splurge just thinking about all the bags from fast fashion retailers that have lost its appeal due to wear and tear. Enough of excess waste due to products that lack durability, slow fashion #forthewin


Chanel Classic Pumps, $250

I have dreams about pumps like these. They linger in the back of my mind when I stand in front of my closet, debating what to wear. The knowledge that if I had a pair of classic pumps that transcends time nagging at me, because life would be so much easier. Regardless of my outfit, be it a pair of well-distressed jeans or a cocktail dress, I know that I can walk out feeling ready to take on the world.

Shop more of Maison Matilda's bags, shoes and more here!

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