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Industry + Insights / December 14, 2015 / Lydia Arshadi
jane, the Queen of Princeton
"Reuse, rethink, revitalize" is jane Consignment’s philosophy. Founded in 2009 in Princeton, New Jersey, it is one of the few stores in the Garden State that sells “green merchandise” made from recycled materials. It also collaborates with local artists and designers for special events such as exhibitions in art galleries or museums. So, not only are you helping the environment, but you're supporting local creatives as well! #winning At a quick glance of their merchandise upon walking up a short set of steps, you almost think it's a quaint gift shop nestled down a brick-lined row of shops and restaurants. Let me assure you that it's anything but. This haven is great for unearthing gems. Parents and friends for college students attending Princeton University can find vintage Princeton mugs, banners, and all kinds of Tiger- themed memorabilia.Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 10.53.08 AM However, if you let your curiosity take the lead, you will find an entire room dedicated to designer women's merchandise, lined in Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang, and DVF to name a few. Take a closer look and you will find a rack of women's designer shoes and boots perfect for your next girls night out! If you leave the ladies section, there is a smaller area with consignment menswear, such as dress shirts and blazers. When you venture off a little further, you may even notice a little department for the teeniest of tots. You can outfit the entire family and your home in designer goods with the help of jane! jane is a family company founded by Jane Henderson Kenyon and her daughter Isabelle Taylor Kenyon. This mother and daughter duo traveled to different countries around the world, collecting various one of a kind items ranging from clothes to art to furniture as they go. They ultimately decided to open their store in their hometown Princeton, New Jersey, so they could share their treasures with their friends and family. Here are a few of our favorite items from the boutique: XC5UFsE1S1aP4XGZsmLq_chanelpremierblackdialstainlesssteelladieswatchh3250 Chanel Stainless Steel Chain Watch with Onyx Face 52% off retail ($2,200)     PMEDz0cKRbOivLtBfkYB_IMG0990copy Rag & Bone Yellow Dress ($97.50)       3oRXrVWvRwaBYzbNJBFu_sl500 Tom Ford Black Leather & Gold Grommet Sandals 75% off retail ($295)       Want to see more from jane? Shop their store here on SnobSwap!  
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