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Industry + Insights / November 23, 2015 / Elle Choi
Introducing Luxury Garage Sale
There are not many consignment stores where the words "luxury, high-end, and first class" first come to mind when you step through the doors. But that's where childhood friends Brielle Buchberg and Lindsay Segal saw a window of opportunity to change the game and created Luxury Garage Sale (LGS). What started as a pop-up event and an eBay shop has now become two brick and mortar stores of high-end, luxury consignment shopping and the source of all those amazing pieces you see on Empire's famous Cookie Lyon. We are so excited to introduce LGS as our newest partner where you (yes, you!) will get to experience their amazing high-end white glove service to consign your gently loved luxury items first hand. With their first-class service, they make it completely hassle free to consign--they take care of everything for you from taking the photos to listing items to even communicating with the buyers! We're stoked for you to experience their ahmazing service and obviously, for you to shop some of their most coveted items. You never know, your next purchase just may have been on set of a major Hollywood film!

003_Luxury Garage Sale_Chicago

We got to sit down with Co-Founder Brielle Buchberg to get the scoop on Luxury Garage Sale. SnobSwap: We are so excited to partner with LGS for our "white glove" consignment. Can you share the magic behind the white glove service? Brielle: We handle everything from start to finish, including the authentication process - from when the item comes in to when it goes out. We make it incredibly easy for consignors and don't want them to lift a finger. Clients can send in items with their pre-paid labels or drop it off at any of our locations. Each client gets their own account representative, someone who you will get to know and trust, and they will know about your items.  You'll also have their direct email address to contact them at any time. SS: What are a few consignment tips consignors should keep in mind when consigning online? B: What I've learned is deciding what to spend your money on. If it's a dress that I know I'll only wear once, I'll invest in premier designer labels that I know I can get some money back on. Something to invest money on is a bag--accessories hold their value well, especially brands like Hermès, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc. Another thing to keep in mind when consigning is to invest in stand out pieces. We typically don't take too many contemporary brands. For example, with brands like Vince, we probably won't take a silk blouse or black pants but we may take their leather jackets or embellished pieces. SS: We're also thrilled to bring our LGS gorgeous curated inventory on SnobSwap. What are your favorite items that will be on SnobSwap? B: We have tons of great pieces but some of my favorites are our bags. We have a ton of Chanel bags, from unique vintage to classics, and exotic Hermès Birkin bags like a black crocodile, purple ostrich, and a red with gold hardware. We also have tons of gorgeous Chanel jackets that are really cool to wear with jeans and a t-shirt. We also have great costume jewelry--we have a large selection of Larry Vrba who's sold at Bergdorfs and vintage boutiques. He takes vintage pieces to make them into really standout pieces of jewelry. We also have a large selection of brand new items with tags on them, like Peter Pilotto, Dior and Valentino dresses. SS: What sets your store apart from some of the other consignment boutiques out there? B: Our store feels like a high-end boutique. From the merchandising to the well-curated pieces to the level of service you receive. We also receive new items every single day so we do get customers who come in several times a week! SS: The beauty of consignment is that each piece you sell has a story. What is your favorite story behind something you sold? B: We've had a handful of things that were used on a movie or TV set. One client just consigned a dress that was in a James Bond movie. Also, Empire films in Chicago so their stylist will come in once a week to pull pieces for Cookie Lyon. She wore one of our vintage Nina Ricci dresses on a recent episode (see the tweet from her stylist here)!

Finally, there is an easy-to-use and easy-to-love consignment service that makes consigning effortless! This just means that we get to sell more which obviously means we get to buy more. We're obsessed with every single item in their store and can't wait for you to see these stunning pieces!

To shop the amazing items from Luxury Garage Sale, click here.

Consign your own goods and experience the white glove magic here!

001_Luxury Garage Sale_Chicago

005_Luxury Garage Sale_Chicago

006_Luxury Garage Sale_Chicago

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