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Industry + Insights / October 16, 2015 / Lydia Arshadi
Introducing La Vie in NYC
oAs I walked down Hudson Street in the Village on a late Monday morning, I didn’t feel like I was in New York. The street was quiet and peaceful, like New York had not yet woken up out of its weekend slumber. There was a fragrant smell of breakfast in the air. Hudson Café had just put out the last of its breakfast pastries and I had just ordered the last biscuit. I grabbed my Earl Grey tea and walked around the corner to explore this almost European block of quaint restaurants all identified with gold and metallic window stickers naming out their niche. Nestled between apartment buildings and a bakery lies what appears deceivingly to be another  French bistro. Upon a closer look past the cerulean exterior color and a Parisian striped awning, are the finest Italian, French and European high heels casually waiting for you to peek inside. If you dare to walk inside the boutique, you might find racks of Balenciaga silk blouses, Balmain dresses, Chanel suits, Hermès scarves and handbags, Louis Vuitton accessories, Chloé sunglasses, and hidden in the back (underneath of the most gorgeous crystal chandeliers) are a few hundred pairs of high heels. I had an affair with Jimmy, Christian and Giuseppe that day; they all won my heart. Most of these custom curated masterpieces are new and never worn other than in the boutique. What is that you say? Oh, you need a sequin gown for an upcoming holiday party? No problem. There is a Fendi politely waiting for your attention. 10985296_813670378750147_8439152074655723510_o La Vie Boutique on 632 Hudson Street in New York City truly is “the life”. Beyond the European designer magic, lies a very special niche that is never under appreciated as most items have never been worn. The owner procures the most recent fashions from his clientele (and best friends), from recent runway shows and impulse purchases. Try scoring the latest limited edition Bvulgari handbag that’s still in the window at the store, no problem at La Vie. His even still has tags and plastic on the hardware, for much less than buying retail! If you can't make it to the big apple, visit their store on SnobSwap. We promise it won't disappoint. 12052487_869867969797054_5853667902002072360_o 12120060_863772203739964_7992433133817700084_o 11952748_844387692345082_7235238691842015149_o
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