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Industry + Insights / September 29, 2015 / Lydia Arshadi
The Upside of Reinvention
Doing a closet purge is equivalent to a reinvention of ones self. You know, those monumental milestones like when you're beginning to move into a new apartment or you get that "real job" that begs you to ask yourself "Am I really going to wear this again?" Before you know it, your over eager purge leaves you with a giant pile of designer clothing sitting in the middle of your bedroom, and you're not sure what to do with it. Savvy women rejoice! Fashionistas are finding that consigning their clothing is a quick way to make some extra cash, and allows you to reinvest that money into a new wardrobe that you will wear. As good as a fresh haircut makes you feel, so will new designer heels at half-off retail! Unknown [caption id="attachment_19371" align="alignleft" width="200"]Owner of The Upside, Lauryn Zhukrovsky Owner of The Upside, Lauryn Zhukrovsky[/caption] Fashion opportunist Lauryn Zhukrovsky, owner of Canada's The Upside, quickly learned that convincing her friends to consign their neglected threads in their overflowing closets had to be "the upside" or trade to scoring a new designer piece. "It's not a loss, it's the beginning of a new gain," she says is her motto. "I used to drive all over California and parts of the U.S. when I visited from Calgary looking for luxury consignment. The problem was [at the time], Canada just did not have much of that. People in Canada were not commonly consigning, and especially not the quality and style merchandise I was looking for. I wanted to create that market for myself and my friends so we could shop locally," she says "The Upside is being able to get the new things I would now want in trade for things I wanted then." And that she did!   Unknown-2 The Upside launched on SnobSwap September 1st, and has several hundred items listed with something sure to make its way into your newly cleaned closet! What makes it so special might you ask? Try the conversation pieces that Lauryn works tirelessly to curate that you may have never seen before.   [caption id="attachment_19372" align="alignleft" width="300"]Moschino Wallet on Chain Moschino Wallet on Chain[/caption]   Here are some of my personal favorites: Delightfully bold Moschino Couture Wallet on Chain is perfect for a girls night out and at 63% off retail Chanel New Medium Quilted Le BOY Flap Bag with gold hardware sure to be a conversation piece for your shelf Pink Hunter Rain Boots inspires even the girliest of girls to splash in a few rain puddles .... and last but not least, my personal favorite, the Gucci Fur Ankle Boots at 53% off retail! (Sadly they're 1/2 a size too small for me). Want to see what other goodies I have up my sleeve? Stay tuned for other Boutique Spotlights as we bring the most-coveted luxury consignment stores to your laptop's browser! by Lydia Arshadi
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