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Industry + Insights / August 12, 2015 / Anita Xu
What To Wear Wednesday: The New Brat Pack
The New Brat Pack is killing it these days. Their careers as models and legacies as It-Girls are taking off. Members such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin are some of the main fashionistas causing a stir in the media. Their every move can be followed on all their social media platforms. The New Brat Pack represents the rise of the InstaGirl. With over hundreds of millions of followers combined these ladies are truly making waves and inspiring trends globally. Mainly hailing from California, they bring a casual and modern but refined spin to their fashion. As upcoming supermodels, they are sure to be icons in no time. The Jenners sisters alone played a huge role in the popularisation of mini-handbags. These new It-Girls have lives most can only dream of but thankfully, their wardrobe is extremely to dress like the new brat pack 2015This look is super easy to replicate and yet oh-so-chic. It suits basically everyone. If you're really stuck for what to wear for the day, then take a leaf out of The New Brat Pack's fashion guide. Lesson 1, jeans are always cool. Opt for ripped ones for an extra edge and make sure they're skinny. Pair it with a boxy shirt or crop for some sophisticated lines. This minimalist look means that accessories can really show off your personal aesthetic and can update it's basic nature. The models are almost always seen in cute booties so make sure you have a pair of these staples in your wardrobe stat! In terms of handbag, brands like Celine, Givenchy and Chanel are a few of the most coveted amongst members in the New Brat Pack. We think the Chanel Boy has that timeless-classic-meets-cool-and-edgy vibe that each New Brat Pack member embodies in their style. Finish with a pair of shades and a topknot for the ultimate It-girl look. 1 g

Rag and Bone Black Leather Ankle Boot rb

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses w

Chanel Caviar Jumbo Le Boy in Black with Flap

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