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Industry + Insights / June 11, 2015 / Vera Wen
Minty Fresh: LEPRIX Catches Up With Store Partner Mint Condition
Consignment can be a daunting task for any shopper, no matter how seasoned or novice they may be. But in a world of fabulous hidden gems, it can also be tough to pass up on the concept. Here to do the digging and then bring it to you streamlined is Mint Condition. With a keen eye for curating and a great sense of style, owner Toni Henderson brings only the best of the most recent best; that is no understatement either: Henderson has a firm 'nothing less current than two years' policy that she adheres to. Read on as we talk to Toni about Mint Condition, her roots in the consignment industry, making the most of a small space and how she brings us the best of the best: Store Launch, Store Partner, Consignment, Consignment Boutique, Mint Condition, Designer Consignment, Tell me a little bit about Mint Condition; How did you get your start? How did you decide to open in Alexandria? “Well, initially I worked in the legal field, but I’ve been a consignment shopper my whole life; I grew up working at my moms consignment store in Minnesota. I loved it, but never thought I’d do the same thing. After a few years in a corporate world I decided I wanted to open my own high-end take on a consignment shop. I had been around the business enough to have my own ideas about how to take what was missing from my experiences and make it better; I really wanted to make it a boutique atmosphere. I love Old Town [Alexandria]; it caters to independent boutiques and storeowners. The location is also great because of the number of successful women in the area with great closets that are always ready to do business.” [caption id="attachment_14267" align="aligncenter" width="779"]Store Launch, Store Partner, Consignment Shopping, Consignment Boutique, Designer Consignment, Mint Condition In A Mint Condition: Owner Toni Henderson makes sure her Old Town, Alexandria store lives up to its name with a streamlined stock of designer pieces in pristine condition.[/caption] Rather than list products online, you feed them through your social media accounts; do you find that reaches a large audience? What benefits have you found in doing this? “We’re still pretty small and our intake of great things along with a high turnover rate can make getting things online tough; that’s why I wanted to partner with SNOBSWAP to reach more people. Social media is great too, because you can gain exposure online and get a call from a customer that didn’t come in in person and ask to pay and have the item shipped to them.” [caption id="attachment_14287" align="aligncenter" width="641"]Store Launch, Store Partner, Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Consignment Boutique, Instagram, Merchandise Mint Condition Employs The Innovative Technique of Promoting Its Stock On Social Media Outlets Such As Instagram.[/caption] By the looks of the brands you take and the condition they’re in, you have a very keen sense of how to curate a smaller space. Did this happen over time or was it a learning process? “I think I had that from the beginning because it was one of my key factors in creating a better consignment experience. Most consignment shops you have to dig for great things and I didn’t want customers to have to dig for anything, just having it streamlined and out there to easily access.” [caption id="attachment_14288" align="aligncenter" width="690"]Store Launch, Store Partner, Mint Condition, Consignment, Consignment Shopping, Consignment Boutique, Designer, Trina Turk, Helmust Lang, Diane von Furstenberg A Finely Curated Stock Makes Shopping A Breeze For Customers (from left): Trina Turk Dress, Helmut Lang Dress & Diane von Furstenberg Dress[/caption] What are your favorite looks we can hope to see in your partnership with SNOBSWAP? “I would say by far the brand new Chanel Deauville tote. It's been sitting in my office and I drool over it every day. It would make a great everyday tote to a beach bag if you can pull off something that glamorous. The Prada sandals are the perfect shoe for any summer outfit, from a polished short and blouse ensemble to flowy sundresses. These are also new and in the box! The Marc Jacobs Whitney bag is a chic addition to any outfit. On top of that, it's an awesome neutral color that can be worn year round.” [caption id="attachment_14265" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Store Launch, Store Partner, Mint Condition, Owner Picks, Top Favorites, Consignment Shopping, Consignment Boutique A Few Of Owner, Toni's Top Pick's (Clockwise from top left): Marc Jacobs "Whitney Bag", Chanel "Deauville" Tote, Prada Leather Sandals[/caption] How do you think going online with a platform like SNOBSWAP will be beneficial to your business? What do you think it will bring to the table that social media currently doesn’t? “Being able to offer our products to a broader audience. It’s a great platform to reach more people and we’ve had customers asking for an ecommerce aspect for years and that can be a tough task for a small business to take on. Using SNOBSWAP is beneficial because you’re already a known platform.” Photo Credit: Google Image, Mint Condition, SNOBSWAP, Instagram
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