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Industry + Insights / June 25, 2015 / Vera Wen
House of Style: Catching Up With One of Our Latest Store Partners
Envision every consignment shoppers dream: low prices, high quality and a boutique setting, all under one roof. Well here to make dreams come true is SNOBSWAP's new store partner House of Style. Staying true to it's name, House of Style gives you the star treatment with every visit, as if you were in your own pristine walk-in closet. Boasting a store resembling a new retail setting and high-end brands, House of Style is bringing their unfailing customer service and quality merchandise to  the masses via SNOBSWAP. Read on as we talk to owners Lisa and Milly about their business ethic, designer duds and creating a memorable shopping experience for all who visit House of Style: Store Launch, Store Partner, House of Style, Store Logo, Consignment, Designer, Shopping, Boutique When you initially opened, what vision did you have for your consignment shop? “We wanted to have a shop because we loved consignment and fashion and we loved shopping designer items at reasonable prices. We set up with a boutique setting; most of the time people don’t even know we’re a consignment shop. We wanted to have our own so we could shop within it too [laughs]” [caption id="attachment_14431" align="aligncenter" width="597"]Store Launch, Store Partner, House of Style, Consignment, Designer Consignment, Boutique, Consignment Boutique, Shopping Streamlined Set-ups And Clean Displays Lend A Boutique Vibe To House of Style.[/caption] What kind of space do you have? How do you curate it? “It’s about 1000sq ft. It’s very clean, neat and organized; when you walk in its like walking into a new store. The first thing people say when they walk in is ‘is this consignment?’ It’s definitely a skill we’ve learned but have honed which is beneficial. We work on a less is more idea; boutique and up items, which sets us apart. We fashioned the shop based on our preferred shopping habits and ideals of customer service; we hold that standard high.” [caption id="attachment_14433" align="aligncenter" width="690"]Consignment, Consignment Boutique, Curating, Shopping Experience, House of Style NJ, Lilly Pulitzer, Summer Look Unique And Well-curated Displays (Like The Lilly Pulitzer Display Above) Enhance The Shopping Experience.[/caption] What is your clientele typically in search of when they come to shop? “Our regular customers are typically interested in coming in and seeing what’s new. A lot of people know us well for our handbag collection and jewelry selection, which we supplement with vintage and new jewelry. Sometimes people like to come in just to see the way things are displayed. Clients are also in search of a great value: instead of going to the mall and spending $375 on a dress they can come in here and get the same thing for $75.00” [caption id="attachment_14443" align="aligncenter" width="800"]House of Style, Handbags, Celine, Dolce&Gabbana, Store Launch, Store Partner, Consignment House of Style Boasts A Notorious Handbag Collection, Full of Designer Labels Like This Dolce & Gabbana Floral Shoulder Bag And Punchy, Pink Celine Tote.[/caption] What are your favorite looks for Summer? “I love to match a pop of color with my shoes or a handbag and accessories! Accessories can take a basic maxi dress or shorts and tank a long way. Right now we have that Chanel bandana tote; its beautiful. We love it and want to buy it [laughs]." House of Style, Store Launch, Store Partner, Accessories, Color, ConsignmentIn the ever-evolving industry that is consignment, how do you continue to keep customers excited about your offerings? “Ultimately from what I see from a local standpoint, customer service and making people feel special keeps people excited to come in and see what we offer. If we keep everything special and short and sweet like customers are walking into a boutique, people will come back. We also keep everyone updated on our Facebook and Instagram which reaches a lot of our customers.” Where do you see the future of House of Style going? “We’ve been in business with House of Style for 2.5 years, but we started with a children’s consignment boutique 10 years ago. As far as the future goes, we believe that going online is where its at. We’re in a smaller, beach community and bringing our product to a wider audience online is a huge plus.” Photo Credit: House of Style, Google Image, Polyvore
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