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Industry + Insights / May 27, 2015 / Sarah Guan
Love Me Two Times
Andrea Kaplan founded the consignment Love Me Two Times in Baltimore. We spoke to her about her store and her passion for luxury fashion, and her desire to make it accessible, exuded from every word. Why did you decide to get into the luxury consignment business? The main reason that I decided to get into the luxury re-sale market was [that I wanted] young, working women (such as myself) and all fashion loving women to be able to purchase covetable, current luxury items at a more affordable price than retail. What sets your store apart from some of the other consignment boutiques out there? When I opened this Love Me Two Times, I wanted the emphasis to be on selective, exclusive, covetable and desirable luxury and designer goods at below retail. I have maintained this level of excellence and only want to accept and sell the best! My customers come in here constantly to check the ever changing inventory and know they will be getting the highest quality designer goods at way below retail! This is what sets me apart from ordinary consignment shops that sell all levels of clothing and accessories. [caption id="attachment_18701" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Love Me Two Times 3.1 Phillip Lim Light Blue Pashli Satchel 3.1 Phillip Lim Light Blue Pashli Satchel[/caption] The beauty of consignment is that each piece you sell has a story. What is your favorite story behind something you sold? One of the most fabulous stories behind an item sold was a gorgeous gold, lavish, hand-beaded, original flapper dress with the label, Bab La Robe De Jeunesse (the dress of the young) handmade in Paris. Now this label was actually from a prominent New York dress company owned by two English brothers in the 1920's who had dresses made in Paris. They sold dresses to rich women and debutantes and socialites! The rumor  was, their mother died on the Titanic and they came to America to settle in New York! This dress in our store was owned by a prominent socialite and debutante from New York society! In way, a piece of history via The Titanic was in our store in all its glory!!! [caption id="attachment_18703" align="aligncenter" width="460"]Love Me Two Times Brian Atwood Black Suede Feather Booties Brian Atwood Black Suede Feather Booties[/caption] What is the curation process like for you? In terms of the curation process, I place great emphasis on accepting only the best, current high-end contemporary and designer items for our store. This process helps us to maintain a well-edited store of exclusive merchandise.
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