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Industry + Insights / March 24, 2015 / Lee Gusman
The Louboutin Style Guide

It's #shoesdaytuesday! Why we reserve only one day a week to celebrate shoes is beyond me, but this does give me a great excuse to talk about them! If you're any kind of shoe connoisseur/lover/obsessor  you definitely have heard of my French lover Christian Louboutin. And if you haven’t (I’ll refrain from judging) his tale goes a little something like this: Once a upon a time in a far away place called France, a man was born that would create footwear which would make all the women in the kingdom swoon. Indeed, Monsieur Louboutin would conquer the hearts of the rich and famous with his red-soled stilettos. While some celebs boast impressive collections of his shoes, for us mere commoners they are considered more of a luxury/investment piece. The price point combined with all the various style available can make your first red bottom purchase a little overwhelming. Once again, I got you with my Louboutin guide to all the different models. The ultimate Louboutin style guide that is. Once again, YOU ARE WELCOME!


Christian Louboutin Pigalle

The Shoe: Named after the famous Parisian neighborhood known for its clubs and the Moulin Rouge, The Pigalle shoe might arguably be the most iconic of his styles.  It comes in 4 different heights: The 85mm, 100mm, 120mm, and it if you are REALLY short the 140mm. Its classic shape has made this a staple heel for many.

For who?  This shoe was intended to be a working girl's savior. It can easily transition from day to night so that you can jump right from your cubicle to the bar! Monsieur Louboutin describes this as a rendez-vous shoe.

The Price: $675


Christian Louboutin DAFFODILE The Shoe: The Daffodile heel is Christian Louboutin answer to the platform. They come with a towering 160mm heel and will definitely allow you a view from above. For who? The Daffodile is definitely not office appropriate but is perfect for the club! Caution, the higher the heel the harder the fall and one tends to have less "coordination" on a Friday night out! The Price: $1,075


louboutin Altadama

The Shoe: The Altadama is the perfect introduction to the platform. Not sky high but will definitely give you some height. With an open toe and a sturdy heel this shoe has a "je ne sais quoi" quality about it.

For who? The platform "newbie"

The Price: $945


 Christian Louboutin Charleen

The Shoe: It's a Mary Jane shoe with Louboutin sex appeal. This fairly new style is a best seller for the house. Described as sophisticated and sexy by the creator himself, they will have no problem finding a home in your closet.

For who? For the girl who's sweet, spice and everything nice

The Price: $775

Simple Pump

Christian Louboutin Simple Pump

The Shoe: With a modest 100m heel, the simple pump is described by Monsieur Louboutin as "the heel every women should own". It is the most classic of all the styles and comes in a beautiful black.

For Who? For everyone apparently!

The Price: $675


Christian Louboutin Jamie

The Shoe: Standing tall at 160mm, this shoe is straight served sex appeal. You know what they say: "The higher the heel the closer the heaven. For Who? The girl in the sky The Price: $1075

So Kate

Christian Louboutin So Kate

The Shoe: The So Kate is like the skinnier sister of the Pigalle Pump. With a slimmer heel and pointed tips, this shoe screams power!

For Who? For any girl who is not afraid of be a BADASS!

The Price: $675

Mea Culpa

Louboutin Mea Culpa

The Shoe: Mea Culpa is a great representation of the artistry that goes into creating Louboutin Shoes. The heel of the shoe crawls up your ankle and covers it like a cap. It's perfect for the spring/summer seasons. For who: The girl who is a mystery of the night. The price: $895

Iriza Pump

Christian Louboutin Iriza Pump

The Shoe: The Iriza pump is the provocative sister of the "So Kate" heel. She has a little bit of sexy with a slight opening on the inner part of the foot. Standing tall at 100mm this baby will "sexy up" any outfit in a heartbeat. For Who?: The girl who thinks an outfit could always be sexier. The Price: $675
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