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Industry + Insights / March 31, 2015 / Lee Gusman
Lee's Corner: 5 things to spend your Tax Return on

Spring has finally arrived yall! It's grand time I get out of my love triangle with a snuggie and netflix and climb out of hibernation. I need to explore the New world free of blizzards and arctic chills sponsored by the East Coast (slight exaggerations). I can finally do all the spring shopping I've been too cold to do!And what perfect time since it's TAX RETURN season! I call it "Christmas for adults" because you can actually use that money for things YOU want. Since I'm like a tax wizard I am pretty excited about my return this year (spa days can be written off write?).Anyway,  before the IRS come and takes me (joking), please see 5 things that I think are worth Uncle Sam's cold hard cash.



Well you all really should have seen this one coming since we all know I have what something call an "unhealthy obsession with bags". While the haters are gonna hate on my devotion, investing in a Chanel Bag is definitely at the top of my spending list. But instead of opting for the classic Chanel flap Bag why not go HUNTING for a vintage one? Did you know that all the older styles have hardware coated in 24 carat gold?! They also come in unique shapes and sizes!


You might able to relate to this or you'll think I am insane but I never want to invest in shoes! I don't know what it is about me that could never justify spending money on them... WELL I"VE SEEN THE LIGHT! Fancy footwear is ESSENTIAL to completing any outfit and can really elevate it. So if it's hard for you to spend money on shoes use your tax return so that you won't feel so guilty.


It's time to get out of dodge city!!! Back your bags! Quit your job! Get on a plane and head to the nearest beach! Ok so you don't have to be that dramatic about it but you should definitely take that money and go explore the WORLD! So what are you waiting for?


Yes that's right, I'm about to talk about exercise! This is probably the best investment you could ever make. A lot of people say they don't like working out but I think it's only because they haven't found the RIGHT exercise for them. Join a Gym. Try that bar or yoga class! Use your tax return to experiment with different forms of getting active. Regular exercise will not only give you great body but a great state of mind as well. How do I know? As a practitioner of yoga 6 days a week for over 2 years my life has completely changed.


You have worked hard, It's been a long year so don't let my sassy self tell you want you should get! Buy what makes you happy!

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