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Industry + Insights / March 05, 2015 / Sarah Guan
DoubleTake Consignment

Marci Kessler spent years working in the retail fashion industry cultivating an eye for luxury goods. She shares her expertise with you, selling items that will cause people to do a double-take.


Why did you decide to get into the luxury consignment business?

I worked on 7th Ave from 1982-1990, accumulated a ton of clothing, and wanted to clean out. I found a consignment shop near me in NJ, packed up hundreds of items and brought them in to the store. I didn’t like the way I was treated, didn't like the way the store was merchandised - it looked like a thrift shop. So I packed everything back up into my car, went home and told my husband "I am going to open a consignment store". I researched for a year, traveling and working in consignment shops and found the perfect location, Short Hills, NJ.

How does your experience working in the retail industry and working at various other consignment stores help you today? I learned as much of what to do as what not to do. Private dressing rooms, customer service and merchandising was very important. And most importantly, the quality of the merchandise

The beauty of consignment is that each piece you sell has a story. What is your favorite story behind something you sold?

We have had so many interesting items come in, [such as] dresses won at the Tony Awards, and worn on stage at a famous opera. The stories told [vary] from various individuals about spouses who have passed or moms or sisters. I love listening to all of the stories behind everything that comes in.

What is the curation process like for you?

Each item tells a story, I love looking at each item to see when its from, checking the authenticity, and making sure it is sellable. We reject about 80% so our shoppers know we have hand selected items, which we are proud to sell.
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