Boutique on 57

Kasia Bosne came to American with a vision. She wanted to join the fashion elite world and help others discover their personal style. After years of hard work, she opened Boutique on 57, where she aims to pamper customers and help them find the best deals on designer clothing. We spoke to Kasia about her store, her experience, and her

Why did you decide to get into the luxury resale business?

Growing up in Poland, I dreamed of one day moving to NYC to join the fashionistas of the world and help women find their inner beauty and personal style. I began my journey 25 years ago, when I moved here to study Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at FIT. After obtaining my Bachelor’s degree and working for the Giorgio Armani and Gianni Versace flagship stores, I was inspired by the brave, passionate people around me harnessing their creativity to shine. In 2007, I founded Boutique on 57 and have been working on my mission ever since.

BALENCIAGA Navy Red Satin Open Toes Heels. 39

What sets your store apart from some other luxury resale boutiques out there?

If I have learned anything from working in this industry, it is that fashion is much more than designer labels. Beauty starts from within. Here at Boutique on 57, I am passionate about offering stylist services, events, pampering, and truly developing meaningful relationships with my clients. Upon entering my showroom, I can promise you will find gorgeous pieces at prices you can afford, but you will also find a unique service here to help you discover your personal style, edit your wardrobe, and incorporate new trends, while helping you to improve your overall well being.

What are five pieces you are excited about selling on SnobSwap?

I am a big fan of Gucci bags and their ready to wear collection. Their handbags are versatile, always in style and chic. The fashion line is simple yet elegant with clean cuts. Their dresses never go out of style and can be amazing additions to anyone’s wardrobe especially with prices slashed up to 75% off. I m very proud to bring some classic Gucci styles to SnobSwap.

SAINT LAURENT red Cabas Chyc Tote Bag

The beauty of resale is that each piece you sell has a story. What is your favorite story behind something you sold?

I bring collections from Italy and France by directly visiting designer showrooms and runways. I am so fortunate to travel to the most beautiful countries with so much culture, diversity and amazing passionate hard working people in fashion. Because I have so many great working relationships that I developed over two decades working in fashion industry I get offer a lot of very special pieces. Just not a long time ago I got hold of very unique Dolce & Gabbana black ostrich feathers gown that Naomi Campbell was wearing at the runway show. This gown was so breathtakingly gorgeous – never went into production due to its steep retail ticket and rarity of its design. I was so fortunate to bring it to NY and offer it to one very special lady who purchased it on the spot for a fracture cost. I am sure it served her well through many fine occasions.

What is the curation process like for you?

I love what I do and I am very involved in every process and aspect of the business. I do the collection buying, arrange for photo shoots, videos, celebrity interviews, special events, guest appearances, boutique merchandising, client relation, financial analysis, budgets, etc. Organizing special events is my favorite part of the business. I love to surround myself with brave, courageous, stylish, and energetic women and connect people socially. It has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, and rise up to a higher level of serving others. My job is never boring rather full of surprises. You never know who is going to walk in to Boutique on 57 or whom I may be chatting on Youtube videos. I absolutely enjoy working with every single one of my clients. One common denominator we all share is that we want to feel and look great. That’s where I come to make this fashion fantasy a stylish reality.


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