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Industry + Insights / February 11, 2015 / Lee Gusman
Lee's Corner: Ranking Louis Vuitton Bags
Mister Louis Vuitton and I go way back. He was my first love and taught me the important things in life (aka growing my collection of designer purses). I remember graduating high school and ALL I WANTED was a monogrammed bag. When it finally came in its coffee brown box I knew that this was the beginning of a fairytale romance. Louis and I had a couple good years but alas, my human desire for MORE kicked in. I cheated on him with Chanel, Hermes and Bottega and our “young love” was forever changed. But to quote 5 little Jackson’s: “I want you back”! And who can blame me? Over the past years the Louis Vuitton bags have undergone some seriously terrific makeovers! So to honor my old flame I have ranked the 5 best bags that the French label has produced. Tough on the Amex but easy on the eyes, here is my ode to the brand that jumpstarted my obsession with handbags.  

5- The Speedy

qn4sVZmDSiGEWyZRuMeB_Perpetua31 The Details: The Louis Vuitton Speedy was a modern take on a man’s “bowling bag”. It comes in various styles, the most classic being the monogrammed canvas. Its size is usually small and comes with a long cross body strap for those who don’t like the relatively small handles. It also comes in various leathers such as the vernis, vachetta and epi. The price: Retail price starts at $860 and its resale value (depending on model) can range from $300 to $900. Why we love: Its classic shape makes it the perfect “everyday” bag. It’s spacious enough to carry your essentials whilst still remaining sleek. Furthermore, it’s pretty affordable for a designer handbag making it the perfect introduction into the world of luxury bags. BONUS: you can easily get it initialed for a nice personal touch.  

4- The Petite Malle

P2AzcEWoTOyKmmXO3S0K_nolita8121531 The Details: The Petite Malle bag is a modern celebration of the brands roots in trunk making. Made of an Epi leather body with a calfskin trim it also features a magnetic lock and removable strap. It first appeared on the runways for Fall 2014. The Price: It retails for about $5200 but due to its popularity the resale value is estimated at about $8000. Why you need it: The mini trunks are the perfect accent for any street style queen. The removable strap allows it to serve both a casual and formal purpose. This style is drastically different to most LV bags which makes it more of a collector’s piece.  

3- The Noe bag 


The Details: Ironically this bag was never intended for everyday use. Originally commissioned to hold champagne bottles, the Noe bag has become a modern classic. Often referred to as the “bucket bag”, designers and labels would copy the shape for years to come. The strap and inside are made of natural cowhide and it also has an adjustable strap. The price: It retails for about $1500 and its resale value is estimated at about $600-$1000. Why it’s worth it: First of all who doesn't want a bag that could also carry champagne? Talk about pragmatic versatility! That being said, the shape is just absolutely classic and trendy at the same time. The “bucket” has recently come back in vogue and no one does it better than LOUIS.  

2- The Capucine

E52rDVmbQWKMEAr7JbwB_Perpetua29 The Details: Named after the street where Louis Vuitton opened its first store, this bag is THE epitome of understated French chicness. Its made of Taurillon leather and  has two large interior compartments with a zipped and flat pockets. It can be carried on your shoulder, elbow or hand. The price: Retail price is $5600. It is extremely rare to find it resale due to it being a fairly new model. The IT factor: I feel like this is Louis Vuitton's answer to the Birkin. Its elegance comes from the simplicity of the design. It is definitely for the girl who is not a fan of Louis Vuittons signature monogram print. It should also be noted that Taurillon leather is famous for its durability so you will definitely get a lot of use out of it.  

1- The Neverfull Tote


The Details: This LV classic is a high end interpretation of the classic tote. It comes in a BILLION different colors and leathers and has been the most popular and profitable model the house has ever created. The large bag comes with a removable zipped  clutch which matches the exterior of the bag. The trimming is in extremely durable cowhide leather.

The Price: Starting at around $1200 for the classic monogram print, the resale value averages at $900

Why we love: Like its name suggests, it is HUGE. We're talking like Mary Poppins bag HUGE (okay I'm exaggerating). That being said, it is perfect for virtually ANY situation: shopping, the beach, work, YOU NAME IT! The fact that it's reversible makes it the obvious first choice!


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