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Industry + Insights / January 16, 2015 / Lee Gusman
Happy Birthday KATE!
Unless you've been living under a very unfashionable rock, you know who Kate Moss is. She is the world’s leading supermodel who has been featured on over 300 magazine covers since her career started at age 14. Girls want to be her and Boys… Well we all know what boys think of her. With a career that has spanned over 20 years she is still not only relevant, but sought after. She is the THE MOST iconic face in the modelling world. Her iconography lies primarily in her starting the “waif movement”, also referred to as “heroin chic”. Prior to Miss Moss’s arrival models had fuller figures and women like Cindy Crawford ruled the kingdom. Then came skinny, boyish Kate and suddenly a prepubescent almost grungy look became “en vogue”. People were mesmerized how this seemingly simplistic face could create some of the most striking photographs. She had an effortlessness about her that everyone wanted but no one could explain. And today we celebrate it! Kate Moss Birthday
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